Kinds Of Flowers

Learn about kinds of flowers. The nature has given its friendliest creation to the world in the form of the flowers. These flowers serve the role of the eye candies in the lives of many out there. The choice of the favorite flowers differs from individuals to individuals, the reason being the presence of the various kinds of flowers in the world. There are nearly two lacs sixty thousand species of flowers adorning the planet Earth. Go through this article to gain an understanding about the various distinct flowers which are present in this world. Read through:

1. Rose
The rose is considered to be the oldest flower present on the planet Earth. The roses are the kinds of flowers which are often grown in the hybrid form; while it may appear to be like the single flower, it may actually be a hybrid one generated by blending two or more forms of the flowers. The presence of the two or three shades in the roses is due to the rose being of the single variety or the hybrid variety. There is also the presence of the aromatic roses which also possess the characteristics of being edible and is the best thing to indulge in to regain the lost stamina.

2. Actinomorphic
The flowers under this category often have a radial symmetry. These kinds of flowers can be divided into two similar parts from the central imaginary axis. These can be further segregated into the tubular shaped flowers, campanulate and funnel shaped flowers. The flowers belonging to the cruciform family and the poppy family are some of the worthy examples of the actinomorphic category of flowers.

3. Carnation flowers
The scientific name for these kinds of flowers is Dianthus caryophyllus. The origin of these flowers took place in the Mediterranean region during the period of the early spring. The major use of these kinds of flowers used to take place during the reign of the Greek ancestors, who made use of these flowers for the purpose of the royal throne ceremonies in the southern as well as the western parts of the European regions. The carnations are often the potted plants. The regions of the Netherlands as well as the United States are an avid gardener for these species of the flowers. This flower being very large is also popular as the bouquet flowers.

4. Calla Lily
The flower got its name from the Greek word ‘Calla’ which means beautiful. These kinds of flowers are quite large and are characterized by the presence of a bract which is trumpeted in shape. These flowers were originally grown in the regions of the South Africa. The other name for these flowers is Trumpet lily or the Arum lily.

5. Orchids
These kinds of flowers are the most exotic flowers on the block. The orchids are available in a variety of forms. The orchids are commonly found in the continental regions. The colors of the orchids also vary in accordance with the type of the orchid.
Flowers have been there on the block for a million of years. The above mentioned names are just some of the names of the kinds of flowers which are abundantly found.