Kinds Of Fonts

Discuss kinds of fonts. Choosing the fonts is very necessary in any form of web design or word processing work. They give very many different impressions of either the web page or a document. For instance the Microsoft Word processor, gives very many options of fonts which include the Times New Roman, Calibri and Arial to name just a few.

What is the importance of fonts?
They are widely known tools in attracting audience attention, setting the right mood for the written work besides acting as a very powerful tool for portraying written message more than the words as written.
Having unique kinds of fonts is always an advantage in any business organization thus the reason as to why most organizations or institutions will always spend their resources in developing a unique font to their own letter heads or adverts.
Different kinds of fonts can be classified as TrueType fonts, OpenType fonts and the Postscript fonts. There have been improvements in these fonts with an aim of obtaining compatible and simple fonts.

The PostScript Fonts
These kinds of fonts have since been replaced by either the TrueType fonts or the OpenType fonts. This has been due to some of the most desirable features which these kinds of fonts come with.

The PostScript kinds of fonts are also referred to as the Type 1 fonts. These fonts are unique in that they have two major parts; the screen part and the print part. It should be noted that when using these kinds of fonts, then a complication a rises when it comes to printing of the document as both the screen and the print version must always be available.

With the PostScript fonts, both the high resolution and the high quality of the printouts are easily achieved. They were initially developed by Adobe.

The TrueType Fonts
The TrueType fonts have both the two screens in one single file i.e. both the screen and the print. This makes these kinds of fonts simpler to use and manage as compared to the PostScript fonts. Apple was the first to create these fonts although they were converted to industrial standard by the Microsoft Cooperation.

They are also compatible with both the Mac and Windows operating systems besides their popularity for better quality as compared to the previous versions of fonts.

The OpenType Font
Unlike the PostScript Fonts, both the print and the screen files exist as a single file. They are the commonly used kinds of fonts as they allow for addition of other characters, figures and languages with all in just a single file.

Unlike their counterparts the PostScript Fonts, the OpenType fonts are compatible with both the Mac and the Windows making it easier to use, manage from different systems and distribute.

They are products of the Microsoft Cooperation and the Adobe. They are primarily used in most applications since they are the most recent with more advanced features as compared to the two fonts mentioned above.

Using the most recent fonts like the OpenType fonts is highly recommended due to the good quality and merits which they are
associated with.