Kinds Of Food In New York

Kinds of Food in New York are enormous. In New York, there are both the regular American foods as well as the ethnic foods from almost all countries of the world are available.

Kinds of food in New York – American:

Few examples of American kinds of food in New York are:

– Roast beef sandwiches

– Pastrami on rye

– Pizza

– Burger

– Hot dogs

These kinds of food in New York can be got from various diners, pizza corners, burger joints and fast food restaurants.

Ethnic kinds of food in New York:

The various ethnic foods are:

– Ethiopian

– Lebanese

– Moroccan

– Italian

– Chinese

– Japanese

– Korean

– Thai

– Indian

– Mexican

New Yorkers could be seen to be favoring Italian food above all the other kinds of food in New York. Hence, one could find a lot of Italian restaurants all around the New York City. Also, one could find the best possible Chinese foods in the Japanese restaurants, especially, sushi bars and one could find them on every block. There are several numbers of Thai restaurants. Little Korean could be seen with a number of great Korean places. The ‘Curry Hill’, neighborhood of Murray Hill can be seen filled with Indian restaurants.

Apart from all these ethnic kinds of food in New York, one could not see a place for good barbeque and for good Mexican foods. This is more of opinion than fact.

Iconic Kinds of Food in New York:

The most iconic kinds of food in New York are as follows:

Ultra-Creamy New York Cheese Cake: This is one of the richest desserts of the world. The creamy and calorific dessert was being made in America since the colonial times. These would be usually whipped with fresh curds more commonly in Italian cheese cakes.

Lobster Newberg:

The luscious concoction features many crustaceans floating in cream along with cognac, sherry and cayenne pepper. This might signify where Wenberg was sailing to at the time he discovered the recipe which is New Orleans. This dish was renamed from the original name, Lobster Wenberg by reversing first 3 letters of Wenberg by Charles Delmonico.

General Tso’s Chicken:

This is a dish with stir fry of the breaded chicken tidbits mired into a thick sweeter sauce along with some extraneous toasted chilies. This is one of the most popular Chinese dishes. This is the dish which was named after the military strategist of 19th century, General Tso Tsung-tang. It is to be noted that this dish was mentioned for the first time in The New York Times during the year 1977.

In addition to these, most famous kinds of food in New York which have been recorded are as follows:

– Hot Dog

– Pizza

– Doughnuts

– Hot Chocolate

– Ramen

– Cupcakes

– Steak

– Halal Lamb and Chicken

– Stand Burger

– Crab and Pork Soup Dumplings

– Arepa

– Grilled Corn

– Lobster Roll Sandwich

– Akamaru Modern Ramen

– Banana Pudding

– Pork Buns

– Pommes Frites

– Shack Burger

– Pastrami Sandwich