Kinds Of Germs

There are many kinds of germs present on the earth. Few of them are discussed below. But before we go into the details of the kinds of germs, we should first need to know that what germs are?

Germs are those microorganisms or living things that one cannot see by naked eyes, and they can cause various diseases. Theses microorganisms cannot be seen without a microscope as they are very small and invade a human body without being noticed.
Out of several kinds of germs some are discussed below:

Viruses are one of the kinds of germs. It needs living cells to flourish and reproduce in it. If they are not inside a living cell of any human, animal or plant, then they can’t survive. Those bodies in which a virus lives are called its host. When any virus enters a human body, it replicates and spread diseases like flu, measles, chickenpox and many others.

It is better†to carefully wash your hands every time as most of the viruses can live for some time on different objects at home and on encounter they can make you sick.

Bacteria are one the kinds of germs that are small, single-celled microorganism. They lives inside or outside the human body and gets nutrients from it. It can replicate outside the human body as well as they cause infections like strep throat, ear infections, pneumonia, cavities etc. As we discussed that bacterium can cause different infections, does not necessarily mean that all bacteria are dangerous and cause diseases. Some of them are very good and essential for our bodies as they help to maintain balance inside. For instance, our intestines have such good bacteria which use the nutrient in the meal we intake and make waste from the left over’s. Without their help, we cannot digest most part of our meal. Even some bacteria are used to make vaccines and pills by the scientists. So this kind of germ is supposed to be useful as well for the mankind.

Such kinds of germs can be avoided by boiling your meat until it is thoroughly cooked as it will destroy the bacteria that are supposed to be harmful.


Fungi are plant like microorganism which is made up of many cells (Multi-celled microorganism). Plants make their own food from water, air and soil, but this microorganism does not do the same. It makes its food from different plants, animals and people. Fungi lives in warm, wet and dark places and most of them do not have any threat in healthy humans. Fungi usually cause itchy rashes between the toes (athlete’s foot).

Try to avoid sharing footwear (shoes, socks etc) and dry your feet as it can cause fungi.

Protozoa are also single-celled microorganisms. They like to replicate and develop in moisture. As they love to be in moist objects, they often attack through water and spread diseases. Some of the diseases (infections) that are caused by Protozoa are nausea, diarrhea etc.

Boil your water before drinking as it will kill all the harmful protozoa that might be present in the water.