Kinds Of Goat Cheese

Learn about kinds of goat cheese. Goat cheese is produced from the goat milk; it is very scrumptious and has a wide range of health benefits. There are 87 different varieties of goat cheese available in different regions. Each kind of goat cheese has its own unique taste and texture. The taste of goat milk cheese differs from cow cheese, it is always stronger than the cow milk cheese because the diet of goat is bitter than the cow. Goat milk is produced in a lesser quantity than a cow, but it has enormous health benefits. It is good for face; it is less fatty than cow cheese and can be used by young or aged people who are ill.
Goat milk cheese is also referred as Chevre, it falls into two major categories; fresh and aged. Further kinds of goat cheese are discussed below:

Aged Goat Cheese:
Aged goat cheese are originated from France, these kinds of goat cheese have various sizes and shapes. It has a distinctive taste, which makes the food delicious. It has a soft and sticky texture from outside. It is readily available in many parts of the world.

Tome Style:
It is also a French style goat cheese available in most part of northern California. It is high quality of cheese, which is covered with edible ash, which keeps it fresh and crisp.

Castelo Branco Cheese:
This is among those kinds of goat cheese, which is originated from Portugal and also named after one of its city. It has a fluffy texture and white in color. It is produced from goat milk in almost 40 days. It contains 40% of fats. It is available in two flavors in Portugal including salted and spicy.

Caprino Cheese:
This kind of goat cheese belongs to fresh category of goat cheese. It is an Italian cheese used in their traditional cuisines. It is produced from the skimmed goat milk and has a cottony and creamy texture. This kind of goat cheese is also available in different flavors including, tangy flavor, salted and sour. It is usually white and yellowish in color.

These kinds of goat cheese are available in France; it is very unusual kind of goat cheese as it is sold in a circular shape. It looks different from other kinds of goat cheese; it possessed ivory color with white and brown edges. It has a soft and creamy texture and has a very strong taste. It can be used best with salads, starters and breakfast items.

Cheddar Cheese:
It is one of the very common and widely available kinds of goat cheese. It is made according to the people taste, it is not too strong not very simple. It has its own fruity taste and fits best with everyone’s choice.  This kind of goat cheese gives the unique trace of goat milk, which sometimes doesn’t suits some people.

This is one of those kinds of goat cheese, which is originated from Holland. It is one of the best goat cheeses available in Holland. It has its unique sweet and salted tang and is very creamy in texture. It can enhance the flavor of creamy and cheesy recipes like pizza, pastas and lasagna.