Kinds Of Government Jobs

The need for money is what forces people to find jobs, there are few jobs that are more secure and lucrative as the various kinds of government jobs. Knowing the kinds of government jobs is crucial for those looking for a job. The kinds of government jobs are categorized as per the different sectors in which one can be employed. The kinds of government jobs vary from nation to nation since different countries have different sort of economies. Irrespective of the variation in the kinds of government jobs there are a few sectors and jobs that are highly popular and can be found in almost every country.

Here are a few kinds of government jobs that one can apply for in most countries-

– Transportation- in most parts of the world transport services are public sector enterprises. One can find a job in transportation only by applying for the government job; they need to take standardized tests to be able to drive a public transport vehicle. Other than airlines most of the transport services are in the hands of state governments. Apart from jobs behind the wheels of government vehicles there are other transport related jobs one can get. Road and railway maintenance is a major sector where the government offers a large number of jobs. So, it is easy to find a job in the public transport sector.

– Science and technology- every country tries to outdo other countries in the field of science and technology. Having a degree in any of the science streams can help you secure a government research and development job. The difficulty of getting such a job varies from nation to nation. But if one does manage to get a job in this sector then they can get a lucrative job as well as shot at greatness.

– Law enforcement- it is the responsibility of the government to maintain peace and order. Since the government cannot do it themselves they hire professionals to do it on its behalf. One can find a place in the armed forces, police forces, fire department and other special forces that helps maintain national and international peace and security. A lot of training is required to be able to join the forces but they are jobs worth training for. One can even find legislative jobs if they are not fit for physical exertion. Either way law in most countries requires a lot of man power.

– International relations- few countries are independent from other countries, in this globalized world international peace is highly important. There is always demand for translators as well as culture experts. So, knowledge of any country and its cultures can get one a government jobs.

– Education- most governments provide education for those who cannot this requires teachers. One can get such a government teaching job.

– Medicine- although in most nations this sector has become a private dominated sector, the government has to offer public sector medical aids. So, one can get a job in this sector as well.

Apart from the above stated kinds of government jobs there are many other jobs which are nation specific. Irrespective of which country one lives in they are sure to find various kinds of government jobs.