Kinds Of Governments In The World

Here is a list of the kinds of governments in the world:

1. Anarchy:

This kind of government simply means that there is no government. It normally happens when a country has no government when there is an outbreak of war where the rival groups destroy the government. Even though there are few countries that are in this state of anarchy, there are people who are anarchists everywhere who think that the governments are bad and prevent people from organizing their own lives.

2. Capitalist:

They are countries that exercise this king of government are normally called free market economies because its citizens are free to own their own businesses and wealth. These governments can also provide basic needs to its citizens.

3. Communist:

In a country that practices Communism, the government owns everything, this are businesses and wealth but provides the people with basic needs like healthcare and food.

4. Democracy:

These are the kinds of governments that are formed by leaders that are elected by the people. This gives a chance to all citizens who can vote to choose who can lead them.

5. Dictatorship:

The leaders in the countries that have dictatorship as their governments are not elected and use force to get power and remain in power. When military dictatorship happens, the army is in control.

6. Federal Government:

The United State has this kind of government where the central government has shares leadership responsibilities share responsibilities with local governments.

7. Monarchy:

This kind of government has a king or a quin it its leadership. They normally practice total power. A monarchy like the United Kingdom has a government with it to regulate the power that its monarchy can exercise.

8. Regional:

They control small areas of a country and they are normally under a central government. These Regional governments normally have enough power to make their own laws.

9. Republic:

Republic governments are those that have no monarchy and they are ruled by elected presidents.

10. Revolutionary:

This is the name given to a government that is formed by a revolutionary group that overthrows a government.

11. Totalitarian:

These are governments that tell people what to do. They are led by one political party. They sometimes restrict its citizens from leaving the country.

12. Transitional:

This is the government that leads a country when it is making a transition from one type of government to another. The transitional government normally takes many years to make this transition.

No matter what kind of government in the world that runs a country, they play a very important role because people have a tendency to be selfish and wild. They are very important in keeping order and reducing chaos by deciding the laws that govern its people. They also take taxes and use it to pay important public facilities. Governments help in protecting its people by having soldiers that protect their country. Governments try to protect and provide for its people. The government provides a voice to the people of a country to the outside world.