Kinds Of Graphs For Kids

There are various kinds of graphs for kids in usage. Graphs are the pictures that would help a kid to understand the data in a better way. Each of these kinds of graphs for kids would contain special parts.

The common kinds of graphs for kids are as follows:

Circle Graphs:

The circle graphs would be shaped just like a typical circle. The circle would be divided into fractions which will be looking like the pieces of a pie. Because of this, sometimes the circle graphs are also called as pie graphs. In most times, the fractional parts are represented with different colors and the keys would be defining the colors. These are best kinds of graphs for kids when one tries to compare the parts of a whole. The circle graphs would not show the changes over time. The first circle graph was created by William Playfair in the year 1801. In any pie graph, the lengths of each section would be proportional to the percentage it is representing.

Picture Graphs:

The picture graphs are the kinds of graphs for kids that are making use of pictures or the symbols for showing any data. More commonly, one picture would stand for more than one kind of vote. Hence, the keys are essential for understanding the symbols.

Bar Graphs:

The bar graphs are the common kinds of graphs for kids that are consisting of parallel bars or the rectangles with the lengths that would be equal to the quantities that are occurring in the given set of data. These bars could be presented vertically or horizontally for showing the contrast and recorded information. The bar graphs could be used for plotting of the discontinuous data called discrete data. The discrete data would contain the discrete values. The bar graphs are used for representing values in relation with the other values. Most often, the bar graphs are used for comparing the data that are taken over long duration of time but they are made use over small sets of data.

Line Graphs:

The line graphs would display information in a series of data points. Each of these data points would represent an individual measurement or any piece of data. These serious of points would then be connected with a line for showing a visual trend in the data over any of the time duration. The lines would be connected through each piece in a chronological order. Most often, these line graphs would be hard to define. These kinds of graphs for kids are meant for comparing two separate variables and these variables would be plotted on axis. Finally, one would arrive at a graph with lines which would go from a fixed point along a chart which would go up and down in relation with the data.

Special kinds of graphs for kids:

Histograms: The histograms are the special kinds of bar graphs. In a histogram, the data must be indicated as numbers in order.

Area Graphs: The area graphs are based on the line graphs which would display the quantitative data in the form of graphs. The area between line and axis would be separated with the textures or different colors.