Kinds Of Graphs In Science

Basically, there are three types of graphs used in science and each has a specific application. The purpose of knowing all the three of them is to know their uses and determine when do use them. Here are the three kinds of graphs in science:

Bar Graphs:

Bar Graphs are a kind of graph used in science usually made from vertical and horizontal bars that level off at appropriate instances to represent some data.

Bar graphs have many useful features that are being used in Science and they are:

1. When making comparisons with different data, they are easy to interpret because of the good visual effect of the bar graphs.

2. It is easy to see the trend in data. They clearly show how variables affect the data when they increase or decrease.

3. Starting with a single variable, one can easily determine the value of other variables.

Line Graph:

This is a kind of graph used in science to represent data by use of variables of two types. One type of variable that is represented in the horizontal axis is called the independent variable while the other type of variable that is represented in the vertical axis is called the dependent variable.

Line graphs are normally considered to be the most accurate kind of graphs in science because they can represent small changes in variables. Line graphs are loved because they can represent a wide range of data beautifully.

When drawing line graphs in science, be sure to note and label all the parts of your graph to make them easier to read. Also, indicate the scale you are using. The ability to draw many lines in one graph makes it possible to analyze different sets of data in one graph.

Scatter Plot:

This is a kind of graph widely used in science. They are drawn with the use of dots to represent data in the graph. They show the pattern of the data without connecting the dots. They are very useful when there is no cause and impression in the relationship of the data. They are sometimes used to indicate the lines of best fit.

Flow Graphs:

These are kinds of graphs that are used in Science especially Computer Science to show sequence of steps in a process. They are mostly used in experiments and designs. They have a way of indicating the relationship between the sequences of steps.

Pie Chart:

Pie Charts or Circle graphs are divisions of a circle that show the data proportionally as a whole. They are pretty easy to understand once they are drawn because their visual effects. The way they are drawn is that one begins with the biggest portions first in clockwise position. In order to make your labeling clear, you can label the big portions inside the portions and smaller portions you label them outside the portions and use arrows to show the portions you are referring to. Do not make the portions too small to see. For small portions, you can group them together.