Kinds Of Grass In The Philippines

When choosing a property in the Philippines, there are many to consider: aside from the type of house and what it can withstand in tropical weather, one also has to look into the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the house from the inside and on the outside. The grass in your lawn may not be your top priority, but after cleaning up construction, perfecting the interior design and finding reliable landscaping services, you would benefit a lot from gaining insight of the kinds of grass in the Philippines and what can be suitably used for your backyard or garden.

When choosing grass to lay on a lawn or garden, one has to consider the climate and soil of the area. One also has to take into consideration how much effort and time he or she is willing to invest in taking care of the grassed area. Moreover, family members and pets are also deciding factors.

Here’s a list of the different kinds of grass in the Philippines, along with a short description and their purposes or functions

– Carabao grass – The carabao grass is the perfect kind of grass for the Philippines’ tropical climate, since it thrives very well in heat and humidity. It has large, thick leaves, and is less slippery than regular grass, making it conducive and a lot safer to run on. This kind of grass in the Philippines is suitable for your lawn, if you have sports-loving, agile children who like to engage in outdoor activities such as soccer. However, carabao grass may not be the best kind if you have pets that roam outdoors: when animals defecate on patches of this kind of grass, it can be a bit of a challenge to locate and dispose of, due to the large size of its leaves.

– Bermuda grass – This kind of grass in the Philippines is perhaps a good choice to lay on your lawn, if you don’t mind having to maintain it every now and then. Bermuda grass, or ‘sod’, as Filipinos call it, grow at a rapid pace, eventually developing thick, lush and dense turfs and stiff, spiky blades. This is a warm season grass, making it conducive to the climate in the country. You may choose this kind of grass if toiling under the sun is your kind of thing; however, if taming aggressive grass and pulling out weeds on a regular basis might seem too time-consuming for you, then steer clear of this kind of grass.

– Bluegrass – This kind of grass in the Philippines belongs to a variety of Poa species, and is a very popular choice for gardening and landscaping. It is also used to cover golf courses and sports fields.

– Zoysia Grass – The zoysia grass has similar properties to that of bluegrass, and is also a common choice for families who wish to cover their lawns and gardens. It is native to Southeast Asia, so naturally, it grows very well in the tropical climate of the Philippines. This type of grass is extremely resistant to weed, and can even contribute to halting of erosion.