Kinds Of Grass Seed

There are several kinds of grass seed. Why one should consider those kinds instead of fixing on one particular kind of grass seed? So, we all like our lawns right? And we try our very best to have the best kept lawn on the street and amaze our neighbors with the lush green grass growing in our lawn? No one likes a lawn with burnt out grass, so we have to take care of the grass. In order to do that, we use seeds that help provide necessary nutrients to the grass and nourishment to our lawn. In order to choose the right kind of grass seed, we have to know what type of grass we have growing in our lawn. You do not want to end up buying a grass seed which has got adverse effects on your lawn.

There are several types of grass and one of the most popular grasses these days is the native grass which is from United States and is mostly used in lawns of farm pastures and home lawns. Then there is a lawn grass as the name suggests can be used only in commercial or home lawns but cannot be used for pasture or fodder for animals. Another type of grass is the Pasture grass which is used specifically in pastures for grazing animals like horses etc. Turf grass is used in golf courses and sports fields so we have to choose the right seed for the right grass in order to get the best results.

Buffalo Grass Seed

The buffalo grass seed can be used to grow the finest and quality grass known as buffalo which can be used both in home lawns and in farm pastures. It is a very resilient type of grass and it can tolerate any conditions like heat, cold and drought. It has a slow maturity rate and water needs are low so you do not need to water the grass as much as you would have to do with other grass. However it will require good sunlight for growing.

Fescue Grass Seed

There is a host of varieties available when it comes to the Fescue Grass seed. They have got different water and sunlight needs. For example the Fescue Grass Seed blend needs partial to full shade. It has low water consumption, a slow maturity rate and texture is really soft so it is mainly used for beautification purposes. Besides there is a variety of Low Maintenance fescue grass seed, the northwest and northeast varieties as well as a sheep fescue grass seed which is used for grazing.

Kentucky bluegrass seed

This is a one among the several other kinds of grass seed which is used for beautification reasons or in high traffic regions where the lawn is frequently used or in sports fields. It has further got varieties and they mostly need full sunlight to partial shade. The water consumption rate of this kind of grass is relatively higher than others so it requires frequent watering. The texture of this grass ranges from soft to medium and its varieties have different maturity rates from slow to normal to quick.

Besides these kinds of grass seed, there are a number of other seeds which can be found on the market. However, it is up to you to choose the right one and that choice should be made on the purpose for which you need to grow the grass.