Kinds Of Grasses In Lawns

There are many different kinds of grasses in lawns that one can grow. There are many advantages of having the various kinds of grasses in lawns. Apart from the aesthetic effect the kinds of grasses in lawns can add much more benefits. The different kinds of grasses in lawns require different kind of attention. The best kinds of grasses are the drought resistant lawn grasses since they require the less amount of care. One can even find exotic grass varieties which require more attention but offers more elegance to ones lawns. One can grow the local species of grasses or can import foreign varieties. One can even find seasonal varieties of grasses, so they can alternate between varieties of grasses every season.

There are too many varieties of grasses that one can grow on their lawn. Here are a few of the kinds of grasses in lawns that are popularly grown:

– If one is willing to put in effort behind the growth of grass in their lawn then the Creeping Bentgrass is the perfect variety. Although this species is resistant to cold temperatures and acidic soil they require a lot of maintenance. They do require a lot of sunlight but can also grow in the shade.

– If one desires a thick growth of grass then the Find Fescues may be the perfect variety. This species does not require a lot of maintenance and can grow on most kinds of soil. They do require frequent watering. If not mowed regularly they may become too thick for any lawn. So if the lawn is mowed regularly this variety can be the best.

– There are 3 varieties of Bluegrass which are popularly grown-

– The Canada Bluegrass is a low maintenance grass which is even drought resistant. They can easily turn into overgrowth if not kept mowed.

– The Kentucky bluegrass requires a bit of maintenance. They are short grass variety which requires less frequent mowing.

– The Rough Bluegrass is also medium maintenance. They can become thick and requires frequent mowing.

– The buffalo grass is both summer and winter resistant. They require very little maintenance. These plants are drought resistant this means that even without frequent watering they can grow well. If one does not want to spend time gardening then this grass can be perfect. Just plant this grass and forget about it.

– When looking for a predominantly warm season grass the Bahia grass can be perfect. This variety can grow when temperatures are high but they do not do well is lower temperatures. They are also low maintenance since they do not require frequent watering or mowing.

– A warm season grass that requires attention is the St. Augustine grass. This grass needs fertile well drained soil and is best when watered regularly. Although it can be drought resistant, growth is better when there is regular supply of water. It also needs to be mowed frequently.

These are the common kinds of grasses in lawns although there is many more variety that one can grow on their lawn.