Kinds Of Grasshoppers

There are several kinds of grasshoppers in existence and several species of them have been identified and been classified, named and added to the species list of grasshoppers. Most common species of grasshoppers are as follows:

Club-Horned Grasshoppers:

The club-horned grasshopper has its scientific name as ‘Aeropedellus clavatus’. These kinds of grasshoppers are small and they would be facing slant. These are commonly found on the pastures during the seasons of spring and early summer. These could be generally found in grey and black colors and sometimes they could be partly green or white in colors. These kinds of grasshoppers would be able to complete its embryonic development even at lower temperatures.

Velvet-striped Grasshoppers:

These are the kinds of grasshoppers which have its scientific name as ‘Eritettix simplex’. These are small species and would be green or gray in colors. They would be containing a sharp pointed head and two darker stripes which are highlighted by the light colored stripes running along the back. These kinds of grasshoppers would be found on grassy slopes as well as in roadsides. The typical foods for these species include blue gamma grass and sedges.

Brown-spotted range Grasshoppers:

The brown-spotted range grasshoppers come under the species, ‘Psoloessa delicatula’. These kinds of grasshoppers are the first ones which could be seen during the spring season. These grasshoppers would lay eggs that hatch during the summer season. They could be found in grey or green colors with constricted hourglass over the back and tiny hindwings that are colorless. These grasshoppers are important as the food for the nestlings of songbirds in the grasslands. The brown-spotted grasshoppers feed on the native grasses and the sedges.

Speckled rangeland Grasshoppers:

The speckled rangeland grasshoppers have got its scientific name as ‘Arphia conspersa’. These kinds of grasshoppers are dark brown in color sometimes they would be almost black. The most common habitat for these grasshoppers is native grasses on the sandy soils.

Northern green-striped Grasshoppers:

These grasshoppers which are scientifically known as ‘Chortophaga viridifasciata’ are most generally green or tan in appearance. These are characterized by the strong ridges on its back. This grasshopper would contain the yellow wings in flight which could be sometimes red-orange in color. They tend to fly only for shorter distances which would take rapid turns and hence they would be looking similar to the butterflies.

Red-shanked Grasshoppers:

These are one of the largest forms of grasshoppers living on the Prairies which take their scientific name as ‘Xanthippus corallipes’. This species would be seen in various colors like brown, olive green and grey. The wings would be yellow or red-orange in colors. There are also many other similar species found during summer seasons.

Mormon Crickets:

These grasshoppers take its scientific name as ‘Anabrus simplex’ and are long-horned. The females of the species could be identified by the pointed structures at their backs. These grasshoppers would look like stingers but they are harmless to be handled.

In addition to these common kinds of grasshoppers, there are also several other species existing all around the world and being studied by the zoologists.