Kinds Of Guitars

Discover kinds of guitars. A guitar is one of most frequently used of all the string instruments. They commonly used in jazz and country music. They come in different shapes, varying number of string and sizes. The most common guitars include:

The Acoustics
These kinds of guitars are made from different types of woods and they do not relay on electricity for a better sound to be realized. They are hollow are mostly common in Asia.
Since they are played by plucking the string just like any other string instruments, the vibration of the string which is always the ultimate goal of any player is always very low and therefore there is need for coupling it to the soundboard whose main role is to convert the energy of the vibrating strings besides acting as an amplifier.

The Acoustic Bass
They are vastly known for warm and mellow sound and they are most commonly used in jazz music. They have six strings four of which are tuned just like those of the electric basses. These four strings are the E, D, A and G.

The Acoustic-Electrics
They are preferred for both the electric and acoustic. This wonderful combination provides players with opportunities to explore different styles and sound effects are always loud and very clear. The Acoustic-Electric kinds of guitars have microphones, transducers and pickups which are responsible for the loud sound.

The Classical Guitars
One very unique feature about these kinds of guitars is the kind of strings they are made of. The classical guitars have nylon strings unlike most king of guitars where steel strings are used in place of nylon ones. These strings make them to be very popular for their full-bodied sounds.
They are suitable for people with relatively longer fingers. They can be played either by plucking or strumming.
The classical guitars have a wide and flat around the neck.

The Flamenco
They resemble the classical guitars. They are made of cypress with lighter nylon strings. These kinds of guitars are also equipped with golpeadores are the responsible for the percussive and rhythmic sounds which is also one the distinguishing factor among other kinds of guitars.
The flamenco made of hardwood is characterized with louder sounds. They are preferred to their counterparts the classical due to their quick response to sound.

The Archtops
These guitars resemble the violin. They come in two different distinct shapes where either the back of the instrument is round or the front part of the instrument is round. They are mostly used in both the jazz and the country music. In the recent years, most archtops come in the form of acoustic-electric. They are also identified with their loud sound.

The Electric Guitars
The jazz and swing music made these kinds of guitars to be more popular as the player could easily achieve warmer tones and were also very flexible for most musicians. They have a semi-hollow body which makes produce almost a variety of sounds.

The Electric Bass
These kinds of guitars are mostly used in hip-hop, techno, rock and dance music. These guitars can be plucked, picked or slapped.