Kinds Of Hats

Discuss kinds of hats. Hats are one of the oldest, and yet, one of the most popular form of headgear. They have been configured into various forms for various requirements, but have never gone out of vogue. Today, the figure of Neal Caffrey redefines style and that style is made distinctive by his hats. But even before Neal Caffrey, various Kinds of hats have been considered as the pinnacle of fashion. Apart from being fashionable, various Kinds of hats are also often used to denote various ranks of power within particular institutions. For example, the military men wear hats, the Queen wears hats. Even the Pope wears a hat! Here are some Kinds of hats for you to choose from, because seriously, who wouldn’t want a hat?!

Boater: A Boater is named so because it was worn by sailors. Now, adorned with ribbons and in bright colours, these Kinds of hats are worn by ladies at various garden parties and get-togethers. The distinctive feature of these hats is that they have a flat brim and a flat top.

Bowler: Originally, this hat, which is also called a Derby hat, was created for Thomas Coke to be worn by his servants. Today, these Kinds of hats can be found in abundance in popular culture, and hence, on the streets. From Cornelius Fudge in Harry Potter series to Riddler in Batman to Timothy Dugan in Captain America: The First Avenger- everyone’s wearing a bowler hat! The distinctive feature of this hat is that it is hard felt and has a rounded crown.

Fedora: This is the Neal Caffrey hat. With a lengthwise crease in the crown and a medium brim, this hat can be worn with both casual and formal wear. The fedora is one of the most common types of hat that one can find on the streets. It is soft felt and can be worn by both men and women. Fashion wise, one can never go wrong with an appropriate fedora.

Hard hat: This is actually a rigid helmet with a small brim. This is specially used by people whose workplaces carry a risk of falling objects and bad weather, and consequent head trauma. These Kinds of hats, therefore, would be typically worn by people who are required to work at construction sites and firemen. Hard hats are one of the most useful hats around.

Mortarboard: These Kinds of hats have a flat and square top. Usually, there is a button fixed to the centre of the flat surface of the hat and a tassel is attached to the button and draped on one sides. These hats are more popularly known as graduation hats as they are a part of academic dress code. Traditionally, a student is supposed to switch the tassel from one side of the hat to the other at the end of the graduation ceremony.

Zucchetto: This is a skullcap worn by the clergy of Catholic Church rites. This is also worn by higher clergy of Anglican Church and Eastern Orthodox Church. The Zucchetto is what is worn by the Pope.