Kinds Of Hearing Aids

There are various kinds of hearing aids available in the market. The kind of hearing aid to be used depends on a variety of factors. This depends on the shape of the individual’s ear, the hearing loss and a variety of other factors that are to be kept in mind before choosing the kind of hearing aid that one might wish to have for one’s self.

The efficiency of the hearing aid also determines its shape and size. The better quality hearing aid it is, the better will be its sound quality because of the presence of larger batteries and receivers that make its model bigger in size. These are made using particular digital technology that is meant to suit according a person’s own hearing need.

There are around five kinds of hearing aids that could be spoken of in this article, the first being behind the ear hearing aid. This kind of hearing aid is meant for people who have suffered from hearing loss, or have a small ear diameter that makes it difficult for an entire huge ear piece to fit into it, making it difficult for the person to wear them. The electronic components of this remain placed behind the ear channel. There exists a plastic ear device that directs the sound from the earpiece to the ear after amplification. On the top part of the earpiece one can access the volume control and program change effects. The entire design of the hearing aid makes it quite appealing to the consumers.

In the ear model is among the other kinds of hearing aid that too can be bought to settle hearing problems and get relief. This hearing aid is meant for people who have suffered a minor hearing loss and do not require much to cure the damage. The electronic components of this kind of hearing aid are meant to be fitted into the ear with a plastic cover to protect it from any sort of external damage. The size of this again depends on the degree of hearing loss.

The completely in canal model of hearing aid is the smallest model of its kind to suit the hearing efficiency of the user. It is quite important for users who have little to moderate hearing loss and do not require really heavy electronic components to help them protect their hearing capacities. The component is placed in a shell that is deeply rooted inside the hearing canal. It has an extension cord too that helps in its removal without much to be done.

Receiving in canal and receiver in canal are the other two kinds of hearing aids that one can look for to suit the hearing comfortability. The receiver in the canal is a one of the latest models that have been launched in this field and can help from mild to huge hearing problems caused to people. All the above kinds of hearing aids can help fix problems relating to hearing losses to a great extent.