Kinds Of Horses

The most royal of all kinds of horses is the Mustang. The mustang breed is close to extinction and therefore is protected. They have a lot of stamina and energy and their name means wild or stray. These are strong horses that reach maturity anywhere between 4 to 7 years of age. They have strong legs and equally strong hooves and therefore they don’t need shoes for any terrain.

Mustang descendants are the Kiger Mustang. Of all the kinds of horses, these are best equipped to handle cattle. They are good learners also.

The kinds of horses that originate from the native Americas are called Cayuse Indian Ponies. Their origins are not very clear and currently, their population is concentrated in California. Their physical description includes long canon bones. They are generally smaller than most horses and stout. These horses are best suited to interact with children.

There are many kinds of horses that are rare and one breed of them is the Florida Cracker Horse. These horses lost their numbers when they were replaced in the cattle driving sector. It is not a very tall horse. But it has a well structured body with a strong back and loins. These horses are active and alert and have a naturally fast gait.

The American Quarter Horse derives its name from the length of track it runs, a quarter mile. This horse is not only intelligent, it is also well formed with small back and a short head. It has a very short back and is excellent for competition and sports.

The American Saddle Bred was bred as a saddle horse for rough terrains. Of all kinds of horses, the Saddle bred has the most beautiful coat and an exceptionally masculine nature in males and feminine nature in females. They have expressive eyes and are ideal for riding. They have great muscular strength.

Appaloosa is the most ancient of all kinds of horses. It was called the celestial horse. Cave markings representative of the Appaloosa have been found. This horse has a high stamina and strong hind legs. It has a beautiful head. They all have different coat patterns. Also, an Appoloosa has many bloodlines and therefore their ideal use depends on the bloodline they are born from.

Morgans are named after Justin Morgan who brought with him a foul of this breed. These horses are simple horses. They learn fast and have a friendly nature. They have a well structured body with a high tail. Wide forehead and similar loins are its characteristic features. They are generally used to drive carriages and come in many colours.

The Rocky Mountain Horse is a very special breed in the kinds of horses. It is a rare one too. These horses are calm and very smart. They can traverse difficult terrain easily. Only horses with specific characteristics are registered as part of this breed.

The American Paint is a good riding horse. It is muscular with a comparatively short head. They have a patterned coat. They are very good natured and hence make good riding horses.