Kinds Of Houses Around The World

There are different kinds of houses around the world from those that accommodate one person, or are at least meant to, to those that are luxurious in nature and can accommodate quite a small army of people. In your search for different kinds of houses around the world, you will find single- family houses, multi-user dwellings and a huge variety in between, depending on the country you look into and the culture in the area. Normally, different kinds of houses around the world are constructed depending upon the person’s tastes and preferences, but in some instances it is due to a necessity, as well as weather conditions and the amount of materials available.

Although there are so many kinds of houses around the world, with the list seemingly endless, listed below are some of the more common kinds:

Detached House:

This kind of house is a residential free-standing building which is normally found in urban areas with a dense population. Such houses come surrounded with a garden and in some instances a garage.

Semi-detached house:

These are built side by side as units, with each house’s layout, in normal instances a mirror image of its twin and sharing a party wall.

Terraced Houses:

Also known as row houses, these kinds of houses share side walls, with the houses constructed in a row and of mirror images to their neighboring houses.


These are normally found in rural or semi-rural locations.

Block of Flats:

These are multi -unit dwellings that are made up of a number of apartments or flats


Such houses are expensive in nature and are located on the top floor of a building, with a number often occupying an entire floor and having a private entrance to it.


Depending on whom you ask, villas are houses that you rent or use while on holiday, or houses found in the countryside, with a large garden.


Known as stately dwellings for the rich, such houses are very large in structure.


Normally used by people on holiday, the ‘house’ is pulled to a given location by a car.

Stilt Houses:

Also known as pile dwellings, these houses are common in parts of West Africa, South East Asia and Papua New Guinea. They are raised on piles over a body of water or the surface of the soil.

An igloo:

You may know it as a snowhouse, they are of common use are by the people of Canada’s Central Artic and Greenlands Thule area. They are made from blocks of snow, normally taking on the shape of a Dome.


The houseboat is technically a boat that has been designed to be used as a home. In most instances, they are not motorized, but rather stationed at one fixed point.


These are constructed with a steep sloping roof and are commonly found in places with snow and high mountains for example in Switzerland.


A condominium is an apartment in a building that is constructed with a number of apartments to it, with each apartment being owned by the person or people living in it.

Other kinds of houses around the world include;

– The Queenslander that is built in the tropical areas of Australia

– A Bungalow which is a single storied house with no basement.

– A castle

– A farmhouse

– A Hanok which is traditional to the Koreans

– A Konak, which a type of Turkish house

– A Mudhif, which is a reed house traditional to Madan people of Iraq

– A plankhouse which is a house built using planks.

Ultimately in your search for the different kinds of houses around the world, you will be bombarded with a number of houses in different shapes and sizes.