Kinds Of Houses In The Philippines

There are many popular kinds of houses in the philippines and it makes you wonder what kind of houses their ancestors live in before. Through the years, the kinds of houses in the philippines have long since evolved. Before this generation of luxury and innovation, Filipino people were very much content with simple houses as long as they can protect them from the sun or rain or just as long as they have a comfortable place to sleep in. Here are some kinds of houses in the philippines, notice how they are different from one another.

Nipa Hut

This kind of house in the Philippines has been around since their Spaniards-conquered days. It is built using bamboo trees and nipa or anahaw leaves are used to make the roofs. Its unique feature is that it can be dragged and move around wherever they go. While this type of house is very convenient, it is not uncommon to see such type of houses in cities. Nipa huts are still used by Filipinos living in the province or rural areas. Nipa huts, these days, are used as a place of relaxation and not a place to live. Farmers are more comfortable sleeping in Nipa huts because there’s no need for lights and fans to be comfortable here.

Stone House

These kinds of houses in the philippines was introduced by the Spaniards. In the past, people who live in stone houses are deemed as rich and it was a way to determine a person’s status. People who used to live in a stone house were politicians and those who are most powerful. These days, it is not uncommon to see stone houses in the streets of the country and people who live in it belong from different classes of society.


One of the most popular kinds of houses in the philippines, apartments are more affordable to rent than townhouses or condominiums. Apartments are usually located inside or near business and commercial districts making it easier for tenants to go to their work while avoiding rush hour, which is pretty bad in the country. The only downside of living in an apartment is that it doesn’t give a sense of permanence.


One of the oldest kinds of houses in the philippines, townhouses can now be found in luxurious complexes with recreational areas like swimming pools, gyms and parks. Townhouses are also built near commercial and business districts but they cost more than apartments, however, because of its functions, Filipinos with a higher state of living choose to live in this type of house.


The difference of condominiums with apartments is that condominiums are bought by owners whereas apartments are rented or leased to tenants. Just like townhouses, condominiums are also known to provide luxury to the owners. There are some owners, however, who decide to rent out their units to help them with the monthly payment of the unit. Condominiums are known to cost up to a total amount of a whole house.