Kinds Of Houses In The World

Such is the importance of houses in our lives that EVERYBODY has to have a place to call their own and live in. There are different kinds of houses in the world that provide shelter and a place to rest to the billions of people around the world. These houses differ from country, states and cities, but all of them have the same and unique role in society; to provide shelter and protect its inhabitants from the elements of nature. That is why owning a house is number one priority for people all around the world.

Let us take a look at all the different kinds of houses in the world and attempt to understand everything about them

Villas – Villas are the accommodation for the rich upper -class people and are also known as bungalows in most parts of the world. These kinds of houses have a Roman background but now can be witnessed in almost every country. These houses are huge and usually have a spectacular view of the ocean, gardens, river, mountains and or other scenic locations. Most villas usually have more than one floor and a staircase that leads to the other floors and the terrace. Villas can be of different kinds and based on different types of architecture like Victorian, Roman, French, Japanese, Edwardian or Modern architecture.

Apartments -These kinds of houses in the world are also known as flats or blocks in different parts of the world. Apartment can be starting with a single room and can go as high as 7 to 8 bedroom dwelling. They are usually a part of a building or a tower that houses different flats or apartments that are either leased or sold to different families. Some common types of apartments are garden apartments, condominiums, duplex or suites.

Row houses – These kinds of houses in the world denote a cluster of 3 or more houses that share one common wall the neighboring home. Row houses can be anywhere between a single floor to 3 floors and are usually spacious as compared to an apartment. They are also commonly known as terraced house or a town house in various parts of the world.

Studio Apartment – Studio apartments are basically apartments in nature but consist of a single room that doubles up as a living room, dining room, kitchen and a bedroom.

Mobile homes – Mobile homes as the name suggests are house that can be moved to certain locations. Typically these are built in a separate location and can be transported anywhere. These kinds of houses in the world are also known as trailer homes.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) – These kinds of houses in the world are famous in the North American states and are perfect as a recreational home for those who intend to keep traveling around the world. An RV is also commonly known as trailer however in essence it a huge bus/truck on wheels that is modeled in to a house with as many amenities as possible.

Apart from the above mentioned the other kinds of houses in the world are huts, tents, houseboats, officetel, basement apartments, farmhouses, ranch homes etc. The list is practically unending as different people around the world prefer to live in different kinds of accommodations.