Kinds Of Houses

Learn about kinds of houses. Houses are classified based on the number of families that can live in them and the structure of the building. Using these criteria, there are two kinds of houses: single-family detached and multi-dwelling residential.

A single-family detached house is basically a separate house where a single family lives. The residential building structure is separate from other structures in the area.

There are two general aspects of a single-family detached home. The first is the home must be the residence of only one family unit. Cousins or other relatives that come to live with the basic family unit living in this house are considered a part of the family unit. In most areas, the establishment of a separate suite, like in the basement, for individual members of the extended family does not change the definition for single family.

To qualify as a single-family detached house, the kinds of houses should not have any inside wall attached to other house or building in the vicinity. This means that duplex houses are not considered single-family detached homes. These kinds of houses are normally surrounded by a fence to delineate the limits of the property. Most detached homes have a garage, a small lawn or patio and a front gate.

The kinds of houses under this category include the following.

Cottage – This is classified as a single-family house with enough space for a common room, several bedrooms, one bathroom and a kitchen area. A cottage is usually found in rural areas, and may have a second story.

Bungalow – This is a small house located in a suburban neighbourhood. A bungalow has a similar floor plan to a villa, with rooms usually located in the first and second floors.

Villa – This is bigger than a bungalow, with a spacious lawn and a more formal structure. Villas can also be in suburban neighbourhoods.

Mansion – A mansion is a large house, with more than five rooms and several stories. A mansion usually has several stories and is located on a large piece of land, like an estate.

Multi-dwelling residential units are different from single-family detached homes because of the number of families that can stay in the former. Each unit can accommodate one family, and these units are in the same building. Examples of these kinds of houses are the following.

Multiple-flat apartment – This is a building built like a single-family house, but each of the two stories house different families. These kinds of houses are common nowadays, especially in urban areas. These inhabitants share a common basement and gate, and in most cases, a common front entrance. The whole building may belong to one individual, with both flats being rented out to tenants.

Apartment building – This type has several floors, and several units on each floor. There is a common front entrance, equipped with a front desk and lobby where visitors of tenants can stay while waiting for permission to go up, or while waiting for the tenants to come down. In some cases, the owner of an apartment gives express permission and an extra key to someone who wishes to come and go, like a friend or a visiting family member.

Mixed use building – This type of house has a segment for commercial enterprises and another for residences. Usually, the first several floors are for businesses, while the upper floors are for tenants. Most condominiums have this set up.