Kinds Of Hunting Dogs

Learn about kinds of hunting dogs. There are certain dogs with hunting characteristics that have developed over time and are being used as hunters. Some are even bred for specific preys. They have some characteristics such as keen senses and endurance which makes them just right for hunting activities. Though some of these dogs have lost their importance in some parts of the world, they are still used effectively in many places and can even make excellent pets. Below are some of the most popular ones around:

Black and Tan Coonhound
Theses kinds of hunting dogs are crossbreed between the extinct Talbot hound, tan foxhound breed and the bloodhound breed. They are black colored interspersed with tan markings. They can be as tall as 26 inches at the shoulders. The Black and tan coonhound is very rare and is recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The exact origin of the Otterhound is not clear, but they share some resemblance with the French breeds. Their webbed feet and rough coat makes them very different for other kinds of hunting dogs. They were used basically to hunt and kill otters, predators of the game fish. Their sense of smell is extremely high as they have the ability to detect otters that were in the water even hours before. They are equally used to hunt other animals like raccoons. The Otterbound is one of those dogs that can be used for hunting and equally taken as a family pet because of its friendliness with children.

As a Russian breed, the Borzoi is strong and energetic dog that is mostly used to hunt foxes, hares, and wolves in Russia. It is crossbred with Arabian greyhounds and has a thick coat which is why it is sometimes known as the Russian wolfhound. The Borzoi can weigh up to 110 lbs and can be as tall as 27 inches at the shoulders. This dog has protective disposition and can be kept at home for home security. It does require to be kept on a leash because of its habits of chasing animals and unknown faces.

Scottish Deerhound
Scottish Deerhounds are very rare kinds of hunting dogs in the United States. The dog is very expensive and can be afforded mostly by high rank and noblemen in the past. Because of this, the dog was almost extinct and even at the moment, it is still a rare breed mostly available in Britain where it is used to hunt and kill deer. The male Scottish deerhound can weigh up to 114 lbs and can be as tall as 31 inches at the shoulders. This breed is vulnerable to bone cancer and heart disease.

Are You looking to buy one of these?
To buy hunting dogs, look for a good breeder by doing some research.
Also, it will be wiser to go to a breeder close to your area since you would be able to inspect the environment and determine the health condition of the dog based on what you see. There are certainly many ways to do your research for kinds of hunting dogs both offline and online. Your classifieds in your local newspaper is a great way to start. You can equally go online to find hunting dogs for sale in your area.