Kinds Of Jeeps

There are a large variety of kinds of jeeps. Jeeps have proved be extraordinary cars when it comes to all sorts of unimaginable terrains. They are durable, reliable and very stylish for all seasons. They are pretty perfect for all kinds of adventures. There are very many kinds of jeeps which have been manufactured so far which include the commander, the patriot, the wrangler, the liberty, the compass etc. The company has constantly been improving on various kinds of jeeps to suit the desired wishes of all the consumers.

The commander

These kinds of jeeps are available in both sport and limited. They vary in prices and comfort which is attributed to their different luxurious and extraordinary features. They have a standard capacity of seven passengers which makes it more suitable for family use. The sport version of the commander has a fuel tank of 3.7 litres v6 with 210 horse power. It has air conditioner, powered driver seat, steering, CD stereo and it can generate a torque of 235 pound-feet.
The limited version of these kinds of jeep has more advanced features than the sport version. It can build a torque of up to 389 lb-ft with 357 horsepower. It has a fuel tank of 5.7 litres v8 which is larger as compared to the sport version.
They have satellite radio, power adjustable pedals, a power tail gate, and automatic dual-zone climate control systems amongst other features.

The compass

It’s known for its rugged nature which makes it suitable for most terrains. It’s very stylish, affordable and it’s off the road ability makes everyone crave for it. These exclusive cars exist in sport, limited and latitude brands.
The sports have ordinary features which other jeep cars have. They have manual transmission systems with up to 5 speeds. They have a two- litre-four- cylinder engines and the ability to build up to 158 horsepower.
The kinds of jeeps which share this feature are the front wheel-drive latitude and sport. With latitude, they possess very many outstanding features such as a leather-wrapped steering; driver’s seat can be adjusted (height), heated front seats with a very flexible passenger seat.

On the other hand, the limited version comes with more outrageous features to enhance both its comfort and performance. It has a satellite radio, auto-climate control system, power seats, leather upholstery and of course with a very powerful engine. These are the kinds of jeeps one can never wish to miss in his/her garage. They can develop 172 horsepower with a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder engine.

These kinds of jeeps are manufactured to offer either the front or all-wheel drive. In compass model, there is a central locking differential system and this qualifies it as a super Freedom Drive 2 amongst the off-the road versions. Either of the following can be achieved with ease both hill ascent and hill descent can be controlled or locking of the rear differential.

Various kinds of jeeps discussed above have since come in very many series which is normally based on the year it was manufactured of introduced into the market with much more improvements be its iconic nature, style, comfort etc. For instance, there’s the 2013 Compass and 2014 is yet to be released with slightly different transmission system which will distinctively differentiate the two kinds of jeeps.