Kinds Of Jellyfish

Discuss kinds of jellyfish. Jellyfish (Also called jellies or sea jellies) is basically a salt water fish that is found in seas and oceans. There are different kinds of jellyfish which are classified into several species. There is the Hydrozoa (more than 1000 species), Cubozoa ( more than 20 species), Stauroza (more than 50 species), and Scyphozoa (more than 200 species). Apart from the deep water jellyfishes, there are some kinds of jellyfish that are found in fresh water. This specie is usually colorless, does not sting, and about 25 mm in diameter. However, below are some of the most common kinds of jellyfish.

1. Breede River Jellyfish
As the name suggests, the Breede River is most commonly found in large swamps during the summer in the Breede River. During autumn, their numbers decline and they completely disappear by early winter.

2. White Spotted Jellyfishes (Australian spotted jellyfish)
These kinds of jellyfish originate from the pacific and are fairly large. They feed on snail species and are increasingly becoming a source of concern in some quarters because of their wide destruction of planktons that some fishes need.

3. Black Sea Nettle
They are one of the biggest of all kinds of jellyfish and are usually found in the Pacific Ocean. Its arms can measure up to 20ft in length and its bell measuring close to 3 ft in size. Black sea Nettle is carnivorous and radially symmetrical.

4. Diplulmaris Antarctica
This specie comes from the family of Ulmaridae and they grow up to 4 cm in width. They are prone to Hyperiella dilatata and are usually present on their bell. Their arms and stomach are reddish-orange in color, and they have about 45 compressed tentacles.

5. Blue Button
Blue Button (Porpita Porpita) are commonly found in the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Tropical Pacific. Even though they share the same phylum with jellyfish (Cnidaria), they are not really in the same class with them. The blue button is from the Hydrozoa class which makes it not really a jellyfish, but it is always regarded as a jellyfish.

6. Blue Jellyfish
Blue Jellyfish (Cyanea lamarckii) is in the Cyaneidae family. This is one of the kinds of jellyfish with many stingy tentacles. Blue jellyfish can be found in the Irish Seas, the North Sea , and the pelagic zone around Scotland. They grow approximately 11 to 20 cm, with specimens growing about 30 cm. They have large mouth arms with many ripples and winkles.

7. Narcomedusae or Darth Vader
Darth Vader can be found in the Arctic and is one of the newly discovered kinds of jellyfish. It has 12 stomach pouches with four poisonous tentacles.

8. Fried Egg Jellyfish (Mediterranean )
The Mediterranean is one of those kinds of Jellyfish that can move freely on its own without relying on current. They are found in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Adriatic seas. It looks like a poached or fried egg, which is why it is usually called fried egg jellyfish.

There are thousands of other kinds of Jellyfish such as Cassiopea Jellyfish, Box jellyfish, Blue blubber, Cannonball Jellyfish, Flower Hat Jellyfish, and Purple Striped Jellyfish. Jellyfish is no doubt one of the many wonders of marine life.