Kinds Of Kittens

Learn about the kinds of kittens. Cute kittens have always continued to be children and woman’s pet since a very long time. There are many kinds of kittens. Some of them are discussed below:

American Bobtail kitten:
These kinds of kittens are generally playful, active, clever and pleasant. This breed was developed in the late 1960s and is not very common. This kind got its name as an ‘American Bobtail’ because of its short (bobbed) tail. Its tail is about 1/2 of the length of a common cat’s tail. American bobtail is the result of crossbreeding between wild bobcat and a tabby cat. And that is the reason this cat got its distinctive tail.

Abyssinian kitten:
Such kinds of kittens are said to be originated from Egyptian kitten; however, this theory is not established as there were no solid references behind it. Its actual origin is still uncertain. This kitten has unique ticked coat which makes it distinctive from other breeds. Unlike, American bobtail, the Abyssinian kitten has a long tail. Its coat has black ticking with brownish base.

Aegean kitten:
These kinds of kittens have its origins from the Aegean sea of Greece. It’s a landrace and is not a result of any crossbreeding. These kinds of kittens are very lively, playful, energetic, clever and sociable. It does not hesitate to draw anyone’s attention by its cute looks and behavior. Its coat has long hairs, which protect her in winters and those hairs automatically shortened in summers. It has 2 to 3 colors on its coat, and about one third to two third of its part is in white color. It’s tail is straight, without curves and is long.

Bengal kitten:
This kind of kitten is a hybrid breed and is a result of crossbreeding between Asian leopard cat and feline. It has spots on its coat, white abdomen and has a ‘wild’ look. Their body structure has a resemblance with its parent ‘Asian leopard cat’.

British Shorthair kitten:
British shorthair is one of the most popular breeds in cat shows because of its looks and style. It has plush, dense coat with a variety of colors. Their eyes are round in shape, large and can be of different colors. They have chunky cheeks, big muscular body, round head, broad shoulders, shorter legs, wide chest and a luxurious tail with a rounded tip. This breed is comparatively tolerant and easygoing, that is the reason they are very comfortable with younger children as they expose less threat when physical interactions are made. They are very sociable as they like to be with the owner every time rather than being alone. It’s a perfect apartment kitten with looks, intelligence and cuteness. They can even learn little tricks.

Donskoy kitten:
These kinds of kittens have no hairs on their coat and are originated from Russia in 1987 from the city Rostov-on-Don. It is also known as Don Sphynx or Don Hairless. These kittens require regular cleaning, but their skin becomes very oily when they are overly bathed. This kitten is generally strong, muscular, has almond shaped eyes, has big ears and is hairless.