Kinds Of Laws

Learn about kinds of laws. Law is one word that does not have a fixed definition used around the world. In the most basic sense, it refers to a set of rules and guidelines which are issued in order to govern the behavior of the society. These are enforced through social institutions. Usually these rules and regulations are enforced by the legislation of the government, guided by the constitution. The laws of any country aim to give shape to the economy, politics and society of the country, settling differences in different spheres.

There are various kinds of laws which are required for the proper functioning of the country. The list is endless. Laws are broadly classified as public laws and private laws. Some of the most important kinds of laws include International law, Criminal Law, Constitutional and Administrative law, Property law, Tort Law, Contract law, Labor laws, Commercial law, Human Rights Laws and many others.

International laws are the laws governing the relationships between several sovereign nations of the world. These laws are usually formed by the United Nations and treaties between countries are an important aspect of this kind of law.
Constitutional and administrative laws are the laws which look after the affairs within the State. These are formed based on the constitution of the country and help to secure the relationship between the executive, judiciary and legislature within the country.

One of the most important among the kinds of laws is the Criminal law. These are laws pertaining to crimes, suitable punishments for different crimes and governing the behavior of the criminals. It improves the overall social structure of the country.
Tort laws are the next set of laws. A tort, by definition, is a civil wrong. These mainly concentrates on the lack of obedience of the existing laws in the country, or infringing on human rights. These laws are framed more along the lines of the morals of the society.

Property law is another important kind of law, aimed at preventing or settling disputes among individuals arising out of the disagreement over the ownership of property.

Labor laws are important to maintain harmonious relationships among working people, addressing the rights and restrictions of the company and the workers. These laws include three different strata of the working class- the employees, the employers and the trade union, improving the working environment in any sector.

The human rights laws basically aim to protect the rights of the individuals of the country. This may be applicable at the international level, the regional level and at the domestic level.

The other law among the important kinds of laws is the Commercial law that pertains to the working of businessman involved in trade, merchandising and commerce. These laws need to be carried out religiously in order to maintain a business in any country.

Whether it is shipping of products or insurance of the company, this law covers it all. Covering every sector of the society, the laws of any country aim to secure and maintain a harmonious environment and every individual is expected to abide by these different kinds of laws.