Kinds Of Leaves

Explores various kinds of leaves present in the environment

We often do not pay attention to the kinds of leaves present in our surroundings. Bunch of leaves or branches of trees do look green and fresh; we admire the nature but hardly anyone of us pay attention to the shapes, colors and qualities to various kinds of leaves. Kinds of leaves are categorized according to four things such as the complexity, edge, stem and shape. It is best when you look various types of leaves on the basis of their shape, stem and etc. Let us look at each category one by one.

1. Complexity
Leaves going outwards and having a unified shape are Simple Leaves. The veins are coming out of the central artery that goes straight up in each simple leaf. On the other hand Compound Leaves appear in such a way that multiple leaves have been combined to form one. This kind of leaf has center artery separating in various paths. It seems that one leaf is attached to the other leaf but in actual they are just a part of one leaf. Now that you have understood two types of complexity present in kinds of leaves so you can easily differentiate between simple and compound leaves.

2. Stem
The second category of differentiation is the stem. Some kinds of leaves have stem while some do not. A leaf that does not have a stem is known as Sessile. On the other hand leaves with stems are called as Petiolated. This name has come from the science community where stem is called as Petiole. The Sessiles are those leave that are directly attached to the branches.
In the autumn season, leaves fall but it is not necessary that only Sessiles fall. Petiolated leaves also fall in autumn, sometimes they just lose their stems.

3. Shape
This is the most interesting category of differentiating leaves. There are so many distinctive shapes of various kinds of leaves present in environment. Let