Kinds Of Letter Writing

There is a variety of kinds of letter writing. Due to rapid technological advancement where electronic messages, text messages and phone calls has overshadowed the beauty of letter writing there are still some people who kept this tradition alive. Nowadays different kinds of letter writing has been developed which help people in various purposes. These kinds of letter writing style depend upon various purposes. There is various variation within these kinds, every kind differ from one another on the basis of structure, writing style and format.

Below are few of the kinds of letter writing which will help you to fulfill your desire purpose?

Appreciation Letter:
If an employer wants to show appreciation to his employee, friend or client, this kind of letter will surely help. It will encourage your employee or client to work more proficiently and if you are writing appreciation letter to a friend, he will surely be much honored to be acknowledged by you. Don’t hesitate to use this kind of letter writing style to show your sincerity towards your social circle.

Thank you Letter:
Thank you letter is one of those kinds of letter writing style which recognize someone’s assistance done for you. This letter can be used for both purposes, professionally as well as personally, to thank someone for their services/ help. This will show you modesty towards the other person and he will feel privileged by this kind of act.

Congratulation Letter:
This is among those kinds of letter writing style which allows a person to congratulate others. It can be for job promotion, success or other personal accomplishments. It will help the other person to feel proud on him.

Job Offer Letter:
This is one of the formal kinds of letter writing format which is used by the companies to offer a job to their prospect candidates. It gives the candidate a surety of their job with many other reimbursements. It also provides the detail description of job, its benefits and term and conditions. Companies provide a job offer letter to the candidate to make sure that they are now part of their organization and they agree to every term and conditions mention in the letter.

Resignation Letter:
This kind of letter writing format is used when someone wants to resign from their job. It is another kind of formal letter given to top management of an organization. This kind of letter possess person’s willingness to discontinue his job, it also provides a reason for job resignation which helps to evaluate a person’s performance and concern towards his previous job.

Good Bye Letter:
This kind of letter writing format is used to say good bye to the colleagues, clients, friends or family. Either if you are leaving a job or leaving for some other country this letter will help you to say good bye to your acquaintances. If can also be used to say to say good bye to someone else leaving a job or going somewhere, it’s like giving a farewell to someone you love.
These are some of the kinds of letter writing formats used for various purposes. There are many more kinds too including cover letter, reference letter, inquiry letter, networking letter etc.