Kinds Of Letters And Their Examples

The following article would describe about the different kinds of letters and their examples. The letters could be defined as the written messages. The letters are playing a key role in communication across the globe. Historically, the letters written on papers were the most and only reliable source of communication between people staying at different locations. With the evolution of various technologies, the formats as well as the importance of letters have been changed.

Accepted kinds of letters and their examples:

The kinds of letters can be broadly classified into two major classes as follows:

Formal Letters:

These are the letters which are known following some kinds of styles while writing. These are called as formal letters since they are to be written according to some of the established practices. These kinds of letters would be made use in the work environments such as offices and businesses. These letters would be characterized by meager amount of emotional languages. Most often, the formal letters would be written by professionals and business people. The informal words such as gonna, dude and bro could not be used in the formal letters. One must take more care while writing appropriate salutations in the formal letters. Another important aspect to be taken care in the formal letters is the length which should not be very long.

Examples of formal letters:

– Academic Letters:

These are the kinds of letters that are concerned with the academic affairs of different academic sectors. These are the letters that would be pertaining to the academics of various capacities. Some of the types of academic letters are: Announcement letters, Application letters, Leave letters and Recommendation letters.

– Business Letters:

The business letters are the kinds of letters that would be written for the purposes related to any business or the relative processes. Some of the common types of business letters are: Acceptance letters, Acknowledgement letters, Adjustment letters, Request letters, Resolution letters and Sales letters.

– Reference Letters:

The reference letters are those letters which would be written by any authoritative person for the purpose of acquaintance or for the introduction of the acquaintance to the concerned for an employment, an admission or for any other objective. The reference letters can be of the following types: Adoption Reference letters, Business Reference letters, Character Reference letters, Employer Reference letters, Job Reference letters, Scholarship Reference letters and Teacher Reference letters.

Informal Letters:

The informal letters are the kinds of letters those are written with the minimal rules. These are the personal correspondences and hence these don’t require much of the rules or formats in comparison with the formal letters. These are the letters that would be written most often by the relatives and friends of the letter recipients. The most important purposes of the informal letters are socialization and for exchanging the information. This form of letter does not require being restricted with the language. The slang words as well as the non-conventional terminologies are acceptable.

The common types of informal letters are: Condolence letters, Farewell letters, Friendly letters, Holiday letters, Invitation letters, Love letters and Thank You letters.