Kinds Of Lettuce

There are many kinds of lettuce. Lettuce belongs to the family of Asteraceae. Lettuce is a regular feature when one considers salads. Although the lettuce is not as dense as green leafy vegetables in terms of nutrients, but it is indeed a great way to eat something healthy. Lettuce is one such plant which is grown by the gardeners across the globe; this is the reason for the presence of different kinds of lettuce which offers different proportions of nutrients.
This article has been designed to make you aware about the various kinds of lettuce which are present in the vicinity and a brief on them. Have a look:

1. Loose leaf lettuce
These kinds of lettuce are easy to grow and possess the colorful characteristics. It is quite lucid to grow the loose leaf lettuce. Once the lettuce is fully developed, the plants provide the open heads which provide the scope for harvesting either few of the leaves or the entire plant at one go. The red oak leaf and the green oak leaf are some of the classic varieties of the loose leaf lettuce. There is also the presence of a number of varieties of lettuce under the name of loose leaf lettuce.

2. Crisp head lettuce
The crisp head lettuce is also named as the ice berg. This kind of lettuce is present in the round and a green head which can last for nearly a week if preserved in the refrigerator. This lettuce being ninety percent of water is considered as one of the mildest kinds of lettuce. This lettuce is celebrated for its texture which is crunchy; however its flavor is also nice. This lettuce is commonly found in the sandwiches, salads, tacos and hamburgers.

3. Arugula
The other name for these kinds of lettuce is rocket. It is characterized with the presence of the long and dark green leaves. The arugula is considered as one of the highly pungent variety of the lettuce. The flavor of the cultivated arugula varies from region to region and country to country. The arugula can solely provide the tangy taste to the dressings.

4. Cos lettuce
The other name for the Cos lettuce is the romaine. Its head comprises of long and pale green leaves which are quite crispy in texture. If one desire to prepare a dish which consists of the Cos lettuce, then it is advisable to remove the darker leaves present on the outer surface as well as the dark tops which are present in the inner part of leaves of the lettuce. These kinds of lettuce gel well with the crunchy ingredients of the salad namely onions, cucumbers etc.

5. Chicory
The other name for these kinds of lettuce is frisee or the curly endive. The jagged spidery leaves are its identification feature. This lettuce has a faded taste of bitterness to its credit.

The above mentioned kinds of lettuce must have provided you with great insights about the various sorts of lettuce which can be put to use. The uses of the lettuce vary from the culinary uses to the nutritional and health uses.