Kinds Of Lily Flowers

We spend our whole day ignoring the little presents of nature that surrounds us. Most of us would never notice the clouds making different patterns on the sky, the multi color light of the sun at its sunset or the beautiful fog in the morning that surrounds the entire city. Whenever crossing by the nearest garden or having a hit of a beautiful aroma via wind from the neighbor hood garden, we never realized that it’s the beautiful nature that has made the world attractive enough to spend a whole life in it.
After the few steps in the garden different flowers start hitting our sight, and we start to feel fresh with them, the deeper we go into the garden the pleasant fragrance drives us away with it. In the words of a famous gardener ‘A garden will be completed when it has at least five different Kinds of lily flowers in it’.

Lilies are as old as the human history, earlier the Greeks used to identify lilies as the symbol of TRUTH. There exist many Kinds of lily flowers each having its own purpose and meaning. Lilies are generally 2 to 6 feet (60 to 80cm) tall. Kinds of lily flowers exists in different color, size, shapes etc. they belong to Kingdom Plantae, their Division is Magnoliophyta, their Class is Liliopsida, their Family is Liliaceous and Genus Lilium.

What if I tell you that there exist a Kind of lily flower that can be used instead of potato, yes, the orange lily can be used instead. It has a sweet and mealy taste and covers multiple dishes in China in which it is used. It is rightly said, GOD has never made anything useless in this world, different Kinds of lily flowers has numerous uses. Henry’s lily relieves congestion, nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. It is found in the shadow or in denser areas of china and is demanded by Multinationals pharmaceuticals. Tiger lily is famous among Kinds of lily flowers, light orange glowing color and purplish black spots and protruding stamens, forms a beautiful corner in the gardens and bed corners, furthermore people gift this to show importance and dedication towards the addressee. Native from Europe to magnolia, in mid summer, 3 to 5 feet long, bears upto 50 pendent flower, purplish pink with dark spots, relieve heart diseases and cardiac pain named as Martagon lily. Let’s just hold still are we not missing the integral function of a lily, that’s its everlasting fragrance, Japanese lily found in China, Taiwan and Japan 3 to 5 feet long with 30 to 30 blossoms on a stem, is diffused to perfume and is a delight for the Elite ones.

Kinds of lily flowers is no more a limited subject to study or to have knowledge over, many of its kinds are being produced artificially in a natural environment to have multiple uses or to make the garden more attractive. Asiatic hybrids derived mostly from Chinese species, the best place to be planted in full sun location because of multi colors range present in it. Not to miss the longiflorum hybrid, These hybrids are generally elegant white trumpets, easily raised from seed, but not particularly hardy in the garden. Exotic hybrids, famous for their shiny leaves, by nature a wild flower, hard to grow in the garden, but it can be grown, if the seeds are planted deep in the cold and moistly region and left untouched for few days.

The family of flowers giving so much to the world in every possible way, at the same time giving a variety to eat, multiple choices for the garden, ceilings, bed corners. Not to forget for credit to cure diseases. The world without kinds of lily flowers must be incomplete for sure.