Kinds Of Literature Reviews

Literature review is a way of surveying literature such as books and other articles that are of target in a particular research thereby bringing out a summary of what is most important about the articles or books. When thinking about the kinds of literature reviews it is critical to think of information in a given study to contain three levels. The elementary level is when those studying the subject write about what they are studying. The second is the reviews written in order to bring out a new perspective in the study. The third part is where the writer includes new conclusions to the subject of study.

Writing literature review is very important because it shows how ones research is related to those of others and also try to bring resolutions to concepts that were previously in disagreement.

Kinds Of Literature Reviews:

Theoretical Literature Review:

This kind of literature review method is where the primary concern of the write is to bring about the theoretical hypothesis rather than the practical considerations of the subject being studied. The perfect use of this kind of literature review is when demonstrating support for theories that already exist and to develop new possibilities to be examined.

Methodological Literature Review:

The most important thing about this kind of literature review method is that it helps to bring out the underlying structure of a study in order to understand it at different levels. This helps the reader to cultivate the understanding of the work in different levels so that they can understand what it is all about, ranging from theoretical perspective to the practical application of the study.

Historical Literature Review:

Historical literature review is important when the review is concentrated researching on what happens over a long time from when the concept emerged then finding its way trough the studies of the subject through the years. The main feature about this kind of literature review is to put a subject in its historical view in order to understand where the study is coming from so that researchers can determine ways of extending the study in the future.

Argumentative Literature Review:

This method is used to bring out contrasting viewpoint in a problem. This method is basically used when studying in order to come up with the other side of the subject being studied. However it is considered to bring problems when a partiality comes up that prevents objective consideration of a subject.

Integrative Literature Review:

It is a method that includes the primary objective of the review as well as put in additional information in order to bring out clarity of thought in the study. It is a way of bringing out criticism on the underlying literature so that new framework of the study is brought forward.

Systematic Literature Review:

This is a literature review method that is written based on the facts that are available in order to come up with questions and break down data that are in the literature added to the review. It concentrated on coming up with questions that are derived from experiments rather that theories.