Kinds Of Literature

Learn about kinds of literature. Literary works are written art that creative people come up with for publishing. While many of us would read something because of the great writing, it’s worthwhile to know which kinds of literature we favour.

The primary classes of literature include novellas, novels, poetry, drama and short stories. Most of these belong to fiction literature. These kinds of literature are further classified according to genre. Genre is a way to differentiate these literature works according to certain elements that appeal to readers. This variation in the genres and kinds of literature make for great reading, especially among those that favour certain types.

Here are the genres of fiction literature:

Drama – This type of literary work focuses on a heavy subject, usually one that many people can relate with. The serious side of a story is highlighted, and the piece is written in such a way that the reader feels caught up in the emotions of the hero or heroine. These kinds of literature usually feature family issues. Dramas are usually meant for the theatre, where conflicts and emotional scenes are expressed through the actions and the dialogue of the characters.

Romance – Romance literary works focus on the development of affection between two individuals. Some romances are set in a certain era, to further improve the scenic quality of the romantic piece. The plot is wrought in such a way that conversation and interaction between the man and the woman become the main event.

Satire – These kinds of literature deal with heavy issues, usually political in nature, but presented in a way that would elicit laughter from the reader. Some of these types of literary works are done deliberately to raise awareness of a particular issue.

Tragedy – Tragedy literature does not always involve someone dying, but most of the time, this is the case. There are times, though, that the idea of death is the main subject in a tragedy even if none of the characters die.

Fables – These are kinds of literature wherein animals are the main characters, and they act and speak like humans. A fable usually includes a crucial message, usually a moral lesson.

Horror literature – This is a fiction genre in which the story itself elicits a sense of fear in the reader.

Fairytales – These are stories involving supernatural beings like fairies and unicorns, and wizards. These are meant for children to read, but many adults enjoy these fairytales as well.

Fantasy – These kinds of literature involves events that happen in an alternate universe, usually where there are characters that are not human.

Non-Fiction – The kinds of literature in the non-fiction genre usually comprise biographies and autobiographies, and essays. Many non-fiction pieces have become popular because the subject is of relevance to the current events of the time. Biographies and autobiographies about famous people are common now, and the more popular ones are usually those that highlight the achievements of someone who made an impact in the socioeconomic development of the world, especially when the piece is written by famous non-fiction authors.