Kinds Of Little Dogs

In recent times, little dogs have become not just companions but equally fashion accessories. For most pet lovers, they would rather prefer to keep little dogs that they can carry around easily. It is not uncommon to see women carrying them on their back packs or in their purses. While pet lovers and potential adopting families are serious with their search for little dogs, they also need to be aware of the different kinds of little dogs they can choose from. It is therefore necessary to look at some of these little dogs to help you pick the one that is right for you.

There are different kinds of little dogs such as Pomeranians, chinese crested dog, Maltese, Bolognese, Boston terrier, Bichon frise, and Yorkshire terrier.

The pomeranian is a perfect dog to be bought for less spacious homes. It seems really senseless to get a big dog to accommodate in a less space. Their manageable size and pleasant traits make them extraordinary as well as adorable. Online breeders provide you information about their faithful and loveable attitude towards their masters. Their small size doesn’t affect the universal loyal and protective behavior of dogs toward their living place and people.

Bischon Frise has a happy disposition and is always good around kids. These kinds of little dogs are one of the smartest dogs around, and their high intelligence means they need to be treated seriously. They are adventurous, loyal and full of life. You should get one of the desired bischon from some trusted place. Try and get the opinions of experts about the proper and reliable places you can get a good one.

Bolognese is another kind of little dogs that you can have as pets in your home. The grown up ones are about thirty centimeter tall. They don’t pose a lot of problem to their owners and are always playful. Bolognese blend well with families as they are always bold and courageous, but they may not be fit for kids and little children. These kinds of little dogs usually bark at strangers especially when they are not well handled and treated.

Maltese are very playful and usually like to running around the circle in a bid to grab their own tale. They are among the tiniest breeds of dogs around but their intelligence make up for their size. They are small but always think they are big. They are smart, loyal, very demanding and are afraid of nothing. That is why active and prospective maltese owners need to know how to properly train this kind of dog.

Another kind of little dogs that are very intelligent is Yorkshire terriers. They are one of the most popular breeds in the United States with the Labrador retriever leading the chase. These dogs are usually small, weighing about 7 pounds. They have long hairs but have no undercoat which can result to allergies to some people. Their hairs grow and fall out much like humans, and that ‘wet dog’ smell of some other dogs are absent in Yorkie puppies, as they have less dander.

These kinds of little dogs have straight hairs and needs several hours of brushing in case of Yorkshire show dogs. The tail of the Yorkshire is not long. The medium sized tail is usually cut or docked by the breeder. However, this tradition is being frowned at lately, so some breeders now prefer to leave the medium tail. As terriers, Yorkshires are independent and very intelligent. They are spirited and always act bigger than they are.