Kinds Of Maps And Its Uses

There are severl kinds of maps and its uses are engaged into the several fields. Maps are the essential tools for different kinds of people starting from students to the researchers. They are the pictorial representations of the surface of Earth. Maps are of various kinds depending upon the representations and usage. Depending on the use there can be different kinds of maps and its uses may vary accordingly.

Types of Maps:

Different kinds of maps used by the geographers are as follows:

Political Maps:

These are the maps in which one could not view any topographic features. These maps are focused only on the state as well as the national boundaries of any place. They would show the locations of the cities either large or small which would depend upon the details of the map. The political maps in common use are the maps of countries that would show all the states along with their boundaries.

Physical Maps:

The physical maps are those which would show the physical landscape features of any place. These maps would show mountains, lakes and rivers in general. In a physical map, the water bodies are always denoted with blue color while the mountains and changes in elevations would be generally represented with various colors or shades in order to show relief. Generally, the lower elevations would be represented with green colors while the higher elevations would be represented with brown colors.

Topographic Maps:

This is a kind of map which is more or less similar to physical maps. These maps would show different features of physical landscape of a place. However, these are different from physical maps in the way they are making use of the contour lines for showing the changes in the landscape instead of making use of colors or shades. On the topographic maps, these contour lines would be spaced at regular intervals in order to slow the changes in elevations. When these contour lines are placed together, then it represents that the terrain is steep.

Climate Maps:

As the name represents, the climate maps are those maps which would show the information regarding the climate of a particular place. The things that the climate maps would show include specific climate zones of any place depending upon the temperature, amount of snowfall in an area and average cloudy days. These maps would utilize various colors to represent the various climatic areas.

Resource Maps:

These are the maps that would show the specific types of natural resources that are present in a particular location by using various symbols and colors. Most generally, the natural resources would be represented with letters.

Road Maps:

These are maps that would be showing major as well as minor highways and roadways of any place. These maps will also show things like airports, locations of city and some important points like parks and monuments.

Thematic Maps:

The thematic maps are those maps that would focus on the particular theme or any special topic. These maps are different from all the other types of maps mentioned above.

Uses of Maps:

Aforesaid paragraphs state different kinds of mpas and its uses are explained into this paragraph. Maps are the information sources that would show how the various places are related with each other by means of distance and direction. The maps are not only used to show the location of a city or place but the different kinds of maps would show a plethora of information regarding the places across the globe.

This information is sufficient to know more about different kinds of maps and its uses.