Kinds Of Maps

Discover the kinds of maps. A map is considered as a representation or a picture of the surface of the Earth which depicts the manner in which the various elements are related to each other in terms of the direction, distance and size. The striking feature of the maps is that it is used for showing the various parts of the Earth’s surface on paper, and thus it can be easily transported and carried to different destinations. There is the presence of different kinds of maps which are used for the different purposes. Peruse this piece to gain knowledge about the various kinds of maps. Read through:

1.Topographic map
These kinds of maps make use of the contour lines to depict a three dimensional world through two dimensional elements. A lot of people face a lot of trouble when it comes to reading these maps, as these kinds of maps carries with it the concentric circles and the lines which represent the valleys and the mountains. These maps are often used by the hikers in the areas where there is a dearth of the road signs. Even the geologists make use of these maps for determining the types as well as the age of the various rocks found in the region.

2.Political map
These kinds of maps lack the topographic features in its designing. The prime focus of these maps is on the state as well as the national boundaries of a region. The details of the map comprises of the location of the big and small cities. The map of any country depicting its various territories is its political map.

3.Geologic maps
These kinds of maps are particularly designed to map the various kinds of the rocks found on the surface of the Earth. These maps are of particular importance to the geologists as they use these maps for determining the processes involved in the formation of the various types of the rocks, which are in turn used for the purpose of the locating the mineral resources and deposits of gravel and oil. Even the common man can read this map to gain insights about the various types of the rocks.

4.Physical map
The physical features in terms of the landscape of a place are shown through the physical map. These kinds of maps use distinct colors to represent different features. For instance, it makes use of the shades of blue to represent the water bodies, such as rivers and lakes. For the mountain ranges it makes use of different shades to depict the variation amongst the mountain ranges. The green color represents the lower elevation, while the higher elevations are represented by the brown color.

5.Climate map
These kinds of maps are used for depicting the information related to the climatic conditions of the regions. These maps are adept in representing elements such as temperature, the intensity of the snow received by a particular region and the probability of the cloudy sky. The distinct climatic areas are represented on the map with different shades.

The maps have been in use for a number of centuries. The above mentioned kinds of maps are indeed of great significance.