Kinds Of Media In Teaching

Teaching is an art that needs lots of efforts to learn. There can be different kinds of media in teaching that are based on the fact how teacher react with the learners. It can be carried out into two different ways viz. direct and indirect. Nowadays, the craze of online learning has started growing. Online learning is also called as distance education which is a part of indirect kind of Medias in teaching.

Different kinds of media in teaching are:

1: student-generated teaching

2: instructor-led teaching

Teaching is an activity that needs two separate groups of people. One group is considered as the group of a teacher or teachers whereas another group includes learners i.e. students. Depending on these groups and the mode of their interacting kinds of media in teaching are categorized.

Student generated teaching:

This is an excellent example of the teamwork. In student generated teaching, teacher allows students to take part into group discussions or other brainstorming related activities. This part can be further subdivided as direct student generated teaching and indirect student generated teaching.

In direct mode, overall communication takes place face to face or in a classroom. This is the simplest and brightest form among several other kinds of media in teaching. Into indirect mode, students need to carry out group discussions online using chat messages or video chatting related processes. This is another form involved into kinds of media in teaching.


Student generated teaching helps improve following things:

1. Accountability

2. Creativity

3. Collaboration

4. Effective sharing of concepts and thoughts

In order to produce an innovative media that can be instructive, informative, edifying, and compelling, it is not required or obligatory to have a high financial plan, high standard studio or higher degrees. One can simply adopt this method in hassle-free manner.

Many debates have been using the subject of popular methods that can help improve the instructing steps that flow outside to the usual lectureship. Now, let’s consider another form involved into kinds of media in teaching.

Instructor led teaching:

This is another form of popular media that is used for creating the effective classroom lectures. Popular medias in education can be defined as all those techniques that can help improve the interaction between the students and lecturer; of course outside to those usual lectures that involve the textbooks or notes related stuff.

Instructor led teaching is considered as one of the best kinds of media in teaching. In this form of media, instructor has given a first priority before the students. Instructors create the debate or pick up topic for the discussion. Then, students attending the lecture go through brainstorming process where each student gets chance to share his/her ideas regarding the topic. This media may include set up of big screens to demonstrate concepts engaged into the selected topic. Also, students may get sorted into the groups with each group having a group-leader. This is one of the most kinds of media in teaching that helps improve the lecturing manners.

This is how kinds of media in teaching are categorized.