Kinds Of Media

Learn about kinds of media. Media, in a literal sense, means any kind of means through which information is conveyed from one person to another. Even before the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg back in 1440, there existed a number of different kinds of media. Today, the world is blessed with countless means through which people can communicate. The power of different kinds of media is well-documented. In fact, studies have shown that the media often plays a significant role in determining the values that individuals in a society hold dear to themselves.

– Amongst the oldest kinds of media in its printed form are newspapers. In the United States, there are over 1600 daily newspapers that inform readers about the latest happenings in all walks of life. Some newspapers are published in the morning, while others are in the afternoon. Most modern day newspapers include local news, national news, international news, sports, business and entertainment sections. It is quite common for newspapers to include sections for horoscopes and mind games such as crosswords as well. The front page and last page of the newspaper are generally thought to include the most pertinent events that occurred in the previous 24 hours.

– Daily newspapers are not the only kinds of media that, in print form, inform users about happenings from around the world. Weekly newspapers serve a similar interest, but as their name suggests, they are released only once every week, normally on a Friday or Sunday. Although these newspapers normally feature news sections that cover all the happenings in the week prior to publishing, they also feature a more holistic representation of issues and events of significance related to the targeted audience. As a result, weekly newspapers often have more interviews and features than daily newspapers.

– One of the more popular kinds of media in this day and age is premised around televisions. Unlike newspapers, which come under print media, television channels come under electronic media. Television news conveys information in the form of motion pictures. There are a large number of television channels dedicated to broadcasting news, and most other channels also have timeslots in which people can update themselves with happenings from around the world. Like daily newspapers, news channels try to inform people about local, national, international, sports, business and entertainment news.  On news-dedicated television channels, the headlines of the news are normally repeated and updated every thirty minutes.

– From the various kinds of media that exist in the contemporary world, the internet is unarguably the fastest-growing. Media on the internet generally takes one of three forms: news websites, electronic magazines (or e-zines) and electronic newsletters. An increasing number of online publications are doing away with subscription fees, and are now open to the public. The specifics of internet kinds of media vary depending on the nature of the publication at hand. Due to the ease with which people can setup websites, more and more people are looking to contribute to media on the internet. As a result, the previously-unchallenged popularity of the print media is now taking a hit.