Kinds Of Mental Illness

Read and discuss kinds of mental illness. A medical condition that upsets a person’s capability of thinking or brings variation is their mood is referred to as medical illness. The result of this illness is lack of understanding for coping with the usual and daily demands of life. Medical illness can subject anyone; it is not targeted to any specific race, age or religion. One should keep the fact in mind that almost all kinds of mental illness are curable and can be recovered.

It is very hard to identify the reasons of kinds of mental illness; however, several treatment plans are available to cure the cause.

Most common kinds of mental illness are:

Personality disorders

When a person has difficulty in relating to people surrounding him and cannot perceive the situation in the correct manner, he/she is said to be a victim of personality disorder.

The affected individual becomes extremely stubborn and acts the same way no matter what the situation is. He no longer has the capacity to distinguish the importance and the intensity of any situation; therefore, people who have a personality disorder find it hard to maintain personal relations, and they also have trouble at work or school.

The most strangest fact that some people are unaware that they are a victim of personality disorder, this is because they think they are right and whatever they are feeling is natural.

Eating disorders

Eating disorder disrupts a person’s diet. A person with an eating disorder eats less or overeats. It may start normally, and a person might even think that it is normal but soon it turns into obsession and takes over the person. This disorder is usually attached with depression, anxiety of being too fat or too skinny.

Impulse control and addiction disorder

These people cannot resist their urges even if harms them or other people around them. These people also start stealing forced by their addiction. Mostly they are addicted to gambling, drinking or drugs. They also have the tendency to ignore the world and only live on their addiction; they do not value their relationships or realize their responsibilities.

Psychotic disorder

Hallucinations and hearing voices are the two most common symptoms of psychotic disorders. These people have a distorted level of thinking and lack awareness of their surroundings. They do know the difference between real and unreal things. They often become violent when someone tries to tell them the truth. The most common type of psychotic disorder is schizophrenia.

Anxiety disorder

These kinds of mental illness makes the person fear certain situations, these fears are extremely obvious as the person depicts physical signs such as nervousness, a lot of sweating, fast heart beat and so forth. Anxiety disorders also lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder or even post-traumatic stress disorder and other related disorders. These people also fear public and do not feel comfortable when faced with challenges.

Other less common kinds of mental illness include dissociative disorders, adjustment disorder, sexual disorder, factitious disorder, Tic disorder and Somatoform disorder.