Kinds Of Minerals

Kinds of minerals

The first ten kinds of minerals are namely boron, calcium, chloride, chromium, cobalt, copper, fluoride, germanium, iron, iodine. These ten are followed by magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphor, potassium and the final five are selenium, silicon, sodium ending with vanadium and zinc.

Atomic Symbol: B
Atom No.-5
Atomic Mass-10.81 g/mole

Boron helps keeps the bones strong. It is also used against fungus and bacteria and is therefore used in related treatment. It also added to calcium supplements. Potatoes and carrots are rich in Boron but it is harmful in high dosages and can leave a rash and cause diarrhoea.

Atomic Symbol: Ca
Atom No.-20
Atomic Mass-40.8 g/mole

Dairy products and vegetables are richer in Calcium than in other kinds of minerals. Excess of Calcium can cause Calcium sedimentation in kidneys. In adequate dose it is good for the bones and for the skin. It maintains iron metabolism and healthy heart rate.

Atomic Symbol: Cl
Atom No.-17
Atomic Mass-35.45 g/mole

Insulin function and cholesterol control are under chloride. Whole grain products, legumes, vegetables and meat are rich in chloride. Deficiency of chloride can cause heart troubles.

Atomic Symbol: Cr
Atom No.-24
Atomic Mass-52.00 g/mole

Deficiency of it can cause nervous system related problems. It is available in cheese and syrups.

Atomic Symbol: Co
Atom No.-27
Atomic Mass-58.93 g/mole

Helps in production of DNA and red blood cells. Mussels and beer are its important sources.

Atomic Symbol: Cu
Atom No.-29
Atomic Mass-63.55 g/mole

Rich sources are egg yolks and legumes. Like many kinds of minerals, this too is cancer preventive.

Atomic Symbol: F
Atom No.-9
Atomic Mass-19.00 g/mole

It is found in drinking water and also in gelatin. Like calcium, it is important in the body for its ability to keep the bones and teeth strong.

Atomic Symbol: Ge
Atom No.-32
Atomic Mass-782.59 g/mole

Lack of it leads to a lazy immune system. It is also used as a painkiller. Comfrey and bran are some of the rich sources.

Atomic Symbol: Fe
Atom No.-26
Atomic Mass-55.85 g/mole

Deficiency of iron, like lack of many kinds of minerals, can cause weakness and excessive fatigue. Excess of it can cause diarrhoea or constipation. Mussels and whole grain products are its rich sources.

Atomic Symbol: I
Atom No.-53
Atomic Mass-126.90 g/mole

Some kinds of fishes are its important source. It is helpful in avoiding thyroid related problems and maintains healthy metabolism.

Atomic Symbol: Mg
Atom No.-12
Atomic Mass-24.30 g/mole

It helps prevent stones. It is also helpful in maintaining the wear and tear of cells. It could be poisonous for some people. Soybeans and legumes are rich in it.

Atomic Symbol: Mn
Atom No.-25
Atomic Mass-54.94 g/mole

Seaweed and tea are Manganese rich sources. It helps fight against fatigue and ataxia. It is essential for protein synthesis and for hormone formation in females.

Atomic Symbol: Mo
Atom No.-42
Atomic Mass-95.94 g/mole

Wine and sunflower seeds are its important sources. Molybdenum strengthens teeth and fights impotency.

Atomic Symbol: P
Atom No.-15
Atomic Mass-30.97 g/mole

Mental confusion and excessive excitement or nervousness occurs due to lack of phosphorous. It is found in bones and helps in RNA and DNA formation. Eggs and meat are its rich sources.

Atomic Symbol: K
Atom No.-19
Atomic Mass-39.10 g/mole

Potassium belongs to the category of the macro kinds of minerals. It helps reduce blood pressure and milk is its rich source.

Atomic Symbol: Se
Atom No.-34
Atomic Mass-78.96 g/mole

It is a cancer preventive mineral. Also, it is used in de-addiction programs for detoxification. Selenium rich sources are vegetables and garlic.

Atomic Symbol: Si
Atom No.-14
Atomic Mass-28.09 g/mole

Silicon is part of most of the whole grains. Its function in the body is to enable higher calcium intake. Its deficiency results in weak bones and hair loss.

Atomic Symbol: Na
Atom No.-11
Atomic Mass-22.99 g/mole

Sodium is a common mineral. It helps to keep the functioning of the nerves at their best. It is available in every household in the form of salt. Also cheese is a rich source.

Atomic Symbol: V
Atom No.-23
Atomic Mass-50.94 g/mole

Vanadium imitates insulin in the body. It is also important if one wishes to prevent heart problems. It is one of those kinds of minerals that are very poisonous. Strawberries and cucumbers are some of its sources.

Atomic Symbol: Zn
Atom No.-30
Atomic Mass-65.39 g/mole

Zinc helps increase our immunity and is important to protect fertility. Lack of it causes reduced functioning of the senses.  It is found in oysters, fish, meat and yeast.