Kinds Of Motorcycles

Motorcycles are fun to ride. There are different kinds of motorcycles available for different riding purposes. Each of them has their characteristics or features that make them worse or better for different riding needs. Below are the different kinds of motorcycles and their different features.

Touring motorcycles
These kinds of motorcycles are designed specifically for heavy commuting and long distance riding. Though you can tour with virtually any type of motorcycle, the touring motorcycles are specifically designed for touring purposes and have features that suit the rider’s needs.  Some very common features of these models are engines with good low-end horsepower, a large capacity fuel tank (to enable long distance before fill-up), windshields and large displacement fairings ( for protection against heavy wind and harsh weather during a riding tour), and an upright and more relaxed sitting positions. Touring motorcycles are grouped into 3 main categories including sport-tourers, off-road tourers, and Full-dress tourers.

Cruiser motorcycle
These kinds of motorcycles are designed with features that resemble American machines during the 1930s through to the 1960s, including the ones produced by Henderson, Excelsior, Indian, and Harley-Davidson.  This motorcycle model has become very popular among American motorcycle users that about 60% of motorcycles on the road today are in this model. Even key motorcycle manufacturers like BMW, Motto Guzzi, Suzuki, and Honda presently manufacture models that would look much like the cruiser model.
Riders of this model normally stay in a position that makes them lean back slightly, raising their hands slightly up, and placing their feet forward. However, due to their low slung design, the cruiser model has limited turning ability and functionality. Riders who love the idea of cornering or swerving at a high speed would need to get a customized lean angle, or opt for the sport cruiser.

Sport Motorcycles
These kinds of motorcycles are designed for optimum acceleration, speed, and, maneuverability, and braking. They are ideal for cornering and maneuvering on paved roads. These kinds of motorcycles   are designed with these riding activities in mind. This is why most sport bikes have their foot pegs at a higher level, close to the body for ease of maneuvering. A typical sitting position for the sport motorcycle is placing the torso of the body forward over the fuel tank. They are expensive due to their high powered engines and the high tech materials used in making them lightweight. Their braking system is composed of high performance disc brakes and brake pads as well as calipers that are clamped onto the vented rotors. They have advanced suspension system with materials for higher durability and stability. They have larger tires that are wider than those of other kinds of motorcycles to carter for their greater lean angles and cornering speeds.

Standard motorcycles
These kinds of motorcycles   are ideal for beginning riders due to their moderate engines, low cost, and flexibility. They usually don’t come with windscreens or fairings, but those that have them have relatively small sizes. They are versatile and are for general-purpose motorcycle riding.  Other kinds of motorcycles exist, including Scooter, endure, motorcross, and trial motorcycles.