Kinds Of Movie Genre

Here is a list showing different kinds of movie genre with written description of each one of them:

a) Science Fiction:

They are normally referred as Sci-Fi. They are marked by independence and creativity in thought. Common characters in this kind of movie genre are aliens, distant planets, impossible pursuits, fantastic places, future technology, extraordinary monsters and imaginary creatures. They also, in some occasion, appear to be fantasy movies. Sometimes they have a lot of resemblance to action and adventure movies. Common types of these movies are those that portray how technology can destroy mankind making them appear as horror movies. Famous examples of movies of this genre are The Spider Man, Green Lantern and The Power Ring and Star Trek.

b) Comedy:

These are very interesting kind of movie genre that is designed on purpose to make people laugh by words spoken or from actions the actions of the characters. Well known kinds of movies in this category include black comedy and romance comedy. An example of a well known black comedy is those of Madea. An example of a classical romance comedy is Mr. Bean.

c) Adventure:

These are movies that tell very stimulating stories. They sometimes appear to be like action movies. Examples of this kind of movie genre are treasure hunts, disaster movies, etc. Specific classical example is the Babys’ Day out movie.

d) Horror:

This kind of movie genre is designed on purpose to frighten so that we can express our hidden fears while thrilling and entertaining us. These movies come in a wide array of ways, ranging from derailed humans to super powerful monsters. Examples of the types of these movies are teen horrors, serial killer and satanic like Anaconda.

e) Gangster:

Gangster movies are made from stories that involve crime and gangsters. A lot of serial killer movies are of this type. Popular examples are those of Jean Claude Van Damme.

f) Epics :

Epics are also called Historical movies. They share some characteristics with adventure movies. They normally describe historical events or imaginary events. Examples are the bible epics. Examples are those telling the story of Jesus or Moses.

g) Drama:

Drama, normally, do not show special effect actions. This movie genre is actually the biggest with many kinds. One of the most popular examples of this kind of movie genre is the adult drama. An example includes Romeo and Juliet.

h) Musical:

Musical movies are also called dance movies. They involve a lot of music and dance as important parts of the movie. An example is the musical comedy called Street Dance.

i) Western:

These are the defining movies of the American Film industry. It is one of the oldest movie genres. Characters in these movies are horse riders, Indians, cowboys and dusty towns. Modern western movies show the lives of the American. An example is American Reunion.

j) Action:

Action movies usually include a lot of fighting and battles with disasters like floods, explosions earthquake. Popular examples are the James Bond, Van Damme and John Arnold Movies.