Kinds Of Movies

Learn about kinds of movies. Movies are today’s favourite escape. Almost everyone has seen a movie at some point or another. This means that different kinds of movies have catered to a variety of audiences over time and have received a varied response according to how they were made and presented.

The first kind of movie is the action movie. Prime examples include Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Face/Off and Twister. The agenda behind an action movie is to resolve the central conflict of the movie through use of violence. Such movies include a lot of stunts, fights and bloodshed.

Of all kinds of movies, the one that is the most favourably received is the adventure movie. Like the name suggests, this genre talks of fantastic tales and challenges that characters take upon themselves. These movies are marked by the discovery of alternate and neo-worlds. The central plot is the engagement with such worlds. Some of the all time popular adventure movies are Apollo 13, Rain Man and Robinson Crusoe.

A common favourite when it comes to different kinds of movies is the comedy genre. The main impulse behind a comedy is to make the audience laugh. The central struggle of the movie has various comical results and therein lies the source of humour. French Kiss and Shakespeare in Love are best known comedies. Another kind of comedy is a Black Comedy that uses death and morbidity as a source of its humour like in Very Bad Things.

Coming of age movies are also very different from other kinds of movies. These movies revolve around the struggle of the central character coming to terms with life. They are likes rites of passage, only more dramatised. The Lion King and Splendour in the Grass are some coming of age dramas.

Crime movies and detective movies are interlinked. Both aim to talk about a crime and find out the criminal and reveal the truth. Basic Instinct, A Time to Kill, Vertigo are some of the common crime and/or detective movies. Thrillers are also a derivative. In a thriller an innocent character is being hunted by lethal enemies as can be seen in Wait Until Dark.

Epic or Mythical movies are more like the highly dramatic kinds of movies. These talk of a great change that occurs and a significant turn in history. A very obvious example Apocalypse Now and also, Godfather.

The most common of all kinds of movies is the Romance. The struggle is to win and maintain the love of another. Notting Hill and Pretty Woman epitomise this genre.

Fantasy movies are those movies that pitch the real world with an unreal one. Alice in Wonderland, Snow White are the kinds of examples that come up in this genre. Science Fiction movies differ from fantasy movies because they show a world that is imaginable through scientific tools like in the case of The Terminator.

Horror movies are those kinds of movies that have the central character fighting a human or inhuman monster. King Kong is one horror movie that was widely appreciated.