Kinds Of Mulch

Read about kinds of mulch. Mulch is a layer applied to the upper surface of a soil to protect the soil from weeds and to keep the land fertile for the better productivity. Usually mulches are inorganic in nature, but some kinds of mulch are relatively organic as well. There are many kinds of mulch used in different plants for many purposes, among those kinds some of them are discussed below.

Grass clippings:
Grass clippings are among those kinds of mulch which are gathered from mowed lawns. These are used in two forms, fresh and dried. Fresh grass clippings contains heavy nitrate, so it can be used as a mulch to return nitrate into the soil, while dried grass clippings are more beneficial as it provides excessive heat protection to the soil and helps to lessen rapid decomposition.

Wood chips:
These are among those kinds of mulch which are collected as a byproduct of wooden goods. These chips are helpful to preserve moisture and reduce the growth of weed. It is mostly used below trees, shrubs and large plants to protect their roots from various diseases.

Pine bark:
These are among those kinds of mulch which are gathered from the outer layer of timber and pine trees. It helps in reduce plant decay time as it decomposes very slowly and can last for a year or more. It have a slight disadvantage as well as it reduces the plant’s soil pH.

Cypress mulch:
Cypress mulch is among those kinds of mulch which is ideal to add colors to your garden. It is available in many forms and many colors. It is rich and long lasting and helps to retain moisture to the soil. It also allows water to enter in the plant which sometimes creates a problem for the plant growth. It suppresses weed growth and also has its own distinguish fragrance.

It is one of the best mulch that can be used to protect the plant fertility. It has a long lasting quality and helps in dissolution of unfriendly trees. It kills various diseases in plants. It is rarely available, and it is very hard to find locally, very few companies sell these kinds of mulch.

This mulch is best to maintain soil pH and help to prevent plant from excessive sunlight. It also changes its color in sunlight giving a beautiful look of a plant. It also helps to kill pesticides, termites and different insects.

Stone and pebbles mulch:
These kinds of mulch are usually used for decorative purpose. It gives a good texture and color to the plant. Different kinds of stones and pebbles are available in the market. It prevents plant from fire, and they are hard to break. These mulches are hard to keep clean.

Leaves are sometimes also used one of kinds of mulch. When it falls off the tree it dries and structures a wide layer of mulch just around the tree which helps to protect the tree especially in winters. Maple and oak leaves helps in growth of new lawn and plants in spring.