Kinds Of Natural Disasters

What are different kinds of natural disasters that are very common?

Natural disasters are certain events as results in the movement or changes of earth. Many kinds of natural disasters are sometimes cannot be predicted of having great effect towards the specific target place. No one can stop them when these occur. The only solution that people can do is to prepare for its coming. These kinds of natural disasters can cause death of both human and mere animals. These kinds of natural disasters can even destroy millions of properties and can bring great changes into the lives of many affected people and the economy. When these kinds of natural disasters strikes, everyone must be careful to have a defense or else, it will never choose its victims. Every country or place has its own kinds of natural disasters that will occur.

Floods – This is a result of the overflowing of the spread of water which immerses the land area. The volume of water from water sources like lake, see, rivers is intense that exceeds the overall capacity of the intended body. The water goes beyond the normal and expected boundary of the body. Any water that goes outside the place where it should be and damages many things is called flood. This is a result of heavy rains and typhoons.

Volcanic eruptions – This happens when a certain volcano is active that it releases lava and many poisonous and dangerous gases into the surrounding. It is only at the place of the earth, which known as having a volcano is subject to this kind of natural disaster. This can also cause death.

Earthquake – When the crust of the earth releases energy abruptly, it will create seismic waves that cause earthquakes. This natural disaster is manifested through a sever shake that anyone can feel it. Seismometer is being used as a tool in recording it. The intensity is being measured through the use of a customized Mercalli scale. This can also cause another natural disaster such as landslide especially in a place where there is no trees exists.

Tsunamis – This usually happens in a place near in the ocean or sees. This natural disaster is in a form of series of waves as the result of the displaced ocean. This is not exactly the same with the tidal wave. This tsunami has a great effect compare to tidal wave.

Hurricanes and Typhoons – Similar phenomenons in which the cyclonic storm system forms over the sea or ocean. The evaporated water is one caused of this natural disaster. The storm will then spin and keep on spinning until its spinning speed is so fast and greater than 74 mph.

Tornadoes – columns of air that rotates and is very violent and will happen one at a time or in a large outbreaks. The speed of blow can be between 50 and 300 mph and can also be higher.

Drought – is a moment wherein a certain place experience longer months or years of having no supply of water or lack of water. This happens when there is an absence of rain for longer months or years.