Kinds Of Nouns And Its Definition

Noun, it is a term related to all forms of languages. While learning any particular language it becomes necessary to learn different kinds of nouns and its definition engaged into that language. Nouns are defined as the name given to a specific person or non-living item. As there are several people and non-living items existing with different names nouns also exhibit several types. In below given paragraphs all kinds of nouns and its definition are explained.

Types of nouns:

1: common nouns

2: pronouns

3: proper nouns

Now, let’s take a look on each of these kinds of nouns and its definition.

1: Common nouns:

When it needs to name a group of people, position, place or thing then common noun comes in light. In short, common nouns are applicable while naming to a specific class or bunch of people or other things.








There are four subcategories included into common nouns. These are abstract nouns, verbal nouns, collective nouns, gender-specific nouns, concrete nouns, compound nouns, non-countable nouns. When it comes to the different kinds of nouns and its definition it becomes necessary to know the example for each.

a) Abstract nouns:

These nouns are applicable to the things that are untouchable or unseen.

Examples: Courage, happiness, gallantry etc.

b) Verbal nouns:

These nouns are applicable to various forms of actions.

Examples: Jogging, exercising, playing, reading etc.

c) Gender-specific nouns:

These nouns are classified on the basis of gender i.e. feminine or masculine.

Examples: Actor, actress etc.

d) Collective nouns:

Collective nouns are used for describing the class of people. When there are many things to describe then collective nouns get used.

Examples: team, choral group etc.

e) Concrete nouns:

This noun gets applied on the visible that are touchable.

Examples: tree, ground etc.

f) Compound nouns:

Compound nouns get used when two separate names are combined together.

Example: water bottle, shoplifter etc.

g) Non-countable nouns:

These are also called as mass nouns. All those things that cannot b measured or counted are categorized as non-countable nouns.

Examples: melody, foodstuff etc.

2: Pronouns:

Nouns need to be replaced in some cases. At this time, pronouns get used. Every speech consists of total eight parts viz. verbs, adverbs, adjectives, interjections, conjunctions, prepositions, nouns and pronouns. Thus, pronouns are considered as one of these eight parts. Pronouns have equal importance as that of nouns.

Example: Peter is angry, he needs rest.

In this sentence ‘Peter’ is a noun whereas ‘He’ is a pronoun.

3: Proper nouns:

Proper noun, as the name suggests, it is an accurate name of a person or any other thing. Therefore, there is one capitalization rule engaged with proper nouns. First letter of each proper noun always remains capital.

Example: Peter, Michael etc.

Thus, when it comes to the kinds of nouns and its definition it becomes necessary to understand each type into abovementioned format. In above paragraphs, all types of nouns are explained in detail with their definition and example. It is necessary to study each type carefully.