Kinds Of Nouns In Hindi

Hindi is one well-known and highly preferred language in India. One should learn different kinds of nouns in hindi to gain complete knowledge of this language. While learning particular language some basic tasks such as reading, writing, and speaking need in-depth knowledge of grammar. Hindi language needs many revisions and practices before one becomes completely mastered in it. Grammar engaged with Hindi language is pretty simple and easy to understand. All kinds of nouns in hindi are slightly similar to the nouns available in English language.

Before starting lessons on kinds of nouns in hindi it is necessary to understand the meaning of noun in Hindi. Well, noun is referred to as ‘Sangya’ in Hindi. People living in India could pronounce this word very easily. There are total five kinds of nouns in hindi viz. Vyakti-vachak sangya, Bhav-vachak sangya, Jati-vachak sangya, Samuday-vachak sangya, and Dravya-vachak sangya. These are different kinds of nouns in hindi. It is necessary to note the English name available for all these types of nouns.

1) vyakti-vachak sangya is referred to proper noun.

2) bhav-vachak sangya is termed as abstract noun

3) jati-vachak sangya is called as common noun

4) samuday-vachak sangya belongs to collective noun

5) dravya-vachak sangya is referred to as material noun.

Depending on the type all nouns in Hindi contain different examples. There can be some added subcategories available into particular form of noun in Hindi. All kinds of nouns in hindi are based on their uses and intention. It is necessary to understand the definition and examples of all kinds of nouns in hindi.

Vyakti-Vachak Sangya:

These are nothing but the proper noun used for indicating the proper and permanent name of person, place or any other thing.

Examples: Delhi, Rajan, Pune etc.

Jati-Vachak Sangya:

Jati-Vachak sangya is used for indicating the common nouns.

Example: Mahila (woman), Bachha (boy) etc.

Samuday-Vachak Sangya:

These are nothing but the collective nouns that indicate name of particular group or the class.

Example: Senaa (military), Nritya Vidyalay (Dance class) etc.

Dravya-Vachak Sangya:

These are used as material noun. These can be used for indicating material or stuff.

Example: Gahane (jewelry), Pani (water) etc.

Bhav-Vachak Sangya:

These nouns are used as abstract nouns where feelings, specific time or positions can be explained.

Example: Tarunya (Young age), Namrata (good manners)

Learning all these kinds of nouns in hindi is important all sentence structures in Hindi are closely related to the nouns. One can gain overall knowledge of Hindi nouns simply by learning their types and one example for each of them.

Besides these nouns, there are two more types available in Hindi nouns. These added nouns are masculine noun and feminine noun.

Masculine nouns can be further divided as singular and plural. If word ends with ‘aa’ then it is called as singular whereas if the word ends with ‘e’ then it is regarded as plural.

Similarly there are two types included into feminine nouns. Words ending with ‘ii’ or ‘iyaa’ are categorized as singular whereas word that ends with ‘iyan’ is considered as plural.

This is how several kinds of nouns in hindi can be learnt.