Kinds Of Nurses

There are different kinds of nurses. The field of nursing is defined with the presence of various kinds of nurses. However, the kinds vary in accordance with the education acquired by the individuals as well as the specialized training undertaken by them. The varieties range from the nurses present in the hospital premises to look after the patients who are admitted into the hospital, to the nurses who are present in house and take care of the health aspects of an individual patient. This article is dedicated to provide the readers with the roles as well as descriptions of the various kinds of nurses. Have a glance at the article:

1. Certified Nurse Assistant
The other name for this kind of nurses is the nurses’ aides, home health assistants, patient care technicians and the home health aides. The key role of these sorts of nurses is to look after the routine tasks of the patients and they usually work under the guidance of a certified nurse. These kinds of nurses are often found in the top notch hospitals or even in the small nursing homes. They spend a considerable amount of time with the patients and thus, keep a tab on the health statistics of the patients and keep pouring the information to the registered nurse.

2. Travel nurse
These kinds of nurses are the registered nurses who indulge in the travel assignments by working in various hospitals across the country. These nurses usually work at one hospital for nearly three months at a stretch. These kinds of nurses are also found working at hospitals that are facing the dearth of nurses. The working conditions of these nurses vary greatly when they jump from one assignment to the other. The pay packages of these nurses is quite high and they are even the recipients of the various other benefits which arises from the fact that there service is much in demand. These nurses are adept in working in the intensive care, surgical care and post operative care, to name a few.

3. Nurse midwife
These kinds of nurses are the registered nurses who have acquired additional education in the niche of nurse midwifery. The key role of the nurse midwife is to practice the gynecological and the obstetrical care of the expecting mothers and also include the prenatal care, infant care or the care of mother post delivery. Many of the nurse midwives also work with the particular woman right from the puberty till the time she reaches the menopause stage.

4. Registered nurse
These kinds of nurses comprise the largest medical occupation for the nurses in the healthcare arena. This is one of the most flexible sorts of the nursing career. The key role performed by these kinds of nurses is to provide the patients with treatments and education about the medical conditions that they are facing. These sorts of nurses also provide the much needed support, as well as advices to the patients as well as their family.

The above mentioned names are some of the kinds of nurses who are found in the medical arena. Apart from these, there are also a number of nurses careers which can provide you a sparkling start.