Kinds Of Orchids

There are nearly thirty thousand species of the orchids present in the world, widely spread across the various continents; the Antarctica being the only exception. Being grown in different climatic conditions and habitats, the various kinds of orchids require different requirements in terms of care as well as growth. Over the years the beautiful orchids have become the favorite hobby of the gardeners across the regions. Below you will find a valuable chunk of informational insight about the most common kinds of orchids found in the countries across the globe.

1. Cattleya orchids
These kinds of orchids are tailor-made for the areas where there is a profusion of the natural light such as the central or Southern part of the American continent. These beautiful orchids give rewards to the gardeners in the form of lavish growth of the colorful blooms. These orchids are celebrated for sending back the sunlight they soak during the growth period.

2. Brassavola orchids
The other name for these kinds of orchids is the ‘lady of the night’ orchids. This orchid is celebrated for its delightful fragrance. These sorts of orchids are adept in providing the orchid collection with an enchanting fragrance during the late evenings. The early winters bring the presence of white flowers to this orchid. The fragrance of the orchids spread greatly as the sun starts to go down.

3. Phalaenopsis orchids
This orchid is commonly called as the moth orchid. These kinds of orchids have the characteristic of lucid growth of the flower in the home environment. These orchids come in a variety of shades as well as colors. The typical identification element for these kinds of orchids is their long stems, presence of the thick green leaves at the bottom of the long stem and large bunches of flowers.

4. Anguloa orchids
The other name for the Anguloa orchid is the Tulip orchid. These kinds of orchids are characterized with the presence of the substantial tulip shaped flowers present in the orchids in the shades of green, white, red and yellow. These orchids are a fond lover of humidity and are fairly intermediate to the brighter shades of light. There is a considerable drying of the orchids during the various stages of growth.

5. Dendrobiums orchids
These kinds of orchids are quite popular among those categories of individuals who are newbie in the arena of orchid gardening. These orchids are quite easy and simple in terms of caring and also come in a significant variety of colors as well as shapes. These orchids are also known as the ‘all-purpose’ orchids. The striking attribute of these orchids is that they can reward the gardener with an impressive blossom and that too with less of maintenance.

The incredible diversity of the various kinds of orchids is quite intriguing and often acts as the primary reason for a large number of individuals indulging in the growth as well as cultivation of the orchids. The handy list of the various kinds of orchids will surely aid in deciding the next orchid. However it is of much significance to first evaluate the environment carefully before deciding on which orchid to plant.