Kinds Of Owls

There are a variety of kinds of owls. The owls are usually attributed as the birds of prey. Most of the owls are nocturnal in character; however there are a few exceptions to this rule. Some of the owls hunt during the night time, while others hunt during the day time. It is an accepted fact that there is the presence of nearly two hundred and sixteen species of owl alive in the present world. This article has been solely written with a desire to make the readers familiar with some of the major kinds of Owls present in the regions across the world. Have a look:

1. Barn Owls
These kinds of Owls exhibit the facial disc which is heart-shaped and particularly lack the ear tufts. The barn owl category itself comprises of nearly eleven owl species that reside mostly in Africa and Asia. The most common species of the Barn Owl dwells in open woodlands present in the tropical as well as temperate regions spread across the world. However, the northern regions of the Northern Hemisphere and the Pacific islands face a dearth of the barn owls. The most common form of the barn owl is the Tyto Alba. These kinds of Owls are adept in catching the mice even in darkness and thus, locating them by the sound.

2. Snowy Owl
These kinds of Owls mostly live in the Arctic regions of the North America. These owls are well adapted to the long summers as well as the long winters present in their native regions. These owls possess the inherent abilities which allow them to hunt any duration during the day. The appearance of this owl can be defined with the presence of dark spots scattered all over its white framed body. The bill of these kinds of Owls is black in shade, with a round head and heavily feathered legs. The patent foods of these owls are ducks, hares, geese and rodents.

3. Great horned owl
The presence of the large tuft of the feathers on the head of these kinds of Owls provides them with the name of Great horned Owls. These feathers do not essay the role of horns or ears of the owl, but only play the role of the feathers. These owls are termed as the largest amongst the owls found in the regions of the North America. The other name for these species of owls is the cat owl. These kinds of Owls are also attributed with the feature of being nocturnal and often like to feast on the rabbits, mice, skunks, squirrels, fishes and birds.

4. Burrowing Owl
These kinds of Owls make their homes in the burrows, which is the reason for their name being the Burrowing owls. These owls are active both during the day as well as during the night. These kinds of Owls mainly feed upon the small mammals, insects, birds, small fishes and lizards. The Burrowing Owl is the true enemy of snakes, ferrets, skunks and weasels. These owls also imitate the buzz of the rattlesnake to keep the enemy at bay.

The above mentioned list of kinds of Owls must have provided you with a firm understanding about the different species of owls present all over.